Matthew 18


The Greatest in the Kingdom

1In that hour [3came forward 1the 2disciples] to Jesus, saying, Who then is greater in the kingdom of the heavens? 2And Jesus having called a child, stood it in the midst of them. 3And he said, Amen I say to you, If you should not turn and become as the children, in no way should you enter into the kingdom of the heavens. 4Whoever then humbles himself as this child, this one is the greater in the kingdom of the heavens. 5And who ever receives [3child 2such 1one] in my name, receives me. 6And who ever should cause to stumble one of these small ones trusting in me, it would be advantageous to him that [3should be hung 1a millstone 2of a donkey] upon his neck, and he should be sunk in the open sea. 7Woe to the world because of the obstacles; [3a necessity 1for 2it is 6to come 4for the 5obstacles]. Except woe to that man through whom the obstacle comes. 8And if your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut them off, and throw them from you! [2good 3for you 1It is] to enter into life lame or crippled, than [2two 3hands 4or 5two 6feet 1having] to be thrown into the [2fire 1eternal]. 9And if your eye stumbles you, take it out and cast it from you! [2good 3for you 1It is 5one-eyed 6in 7life 4to enter], than [2two 3eyes 1having] to be thrown into the Gehenna of fire. 10See that you should not disdain one of these small ones! For I say to you, that their angels in the heavens continually look on the face of my father, the one in the heavens.

The Lost Sheep

11[5is come 1For 2the 3son 4of man] to save the lost. 12What do you think? If there should be to any man a hundred sheep, and [2should wander 1one] from them, shall he not leave the ninety nine upon the mountains, and having gone seek the one wandering? 13And if it happens he finds it, amen I say to you, that he rejoices over it, rather than over the ninety nine not wandering. 14Thus it is not the will before your father, the one in the heavens, that [3should be lost 1one 2of these small ones].

When a Brother Sins

15But if [3should sin 4against 5you 2brother 1your], go and reprove him between you and him alone! If he should hear you, you gain your brother. 16And if he should not hear, take with you still one or two, that by the mouth of two witnesses or three [3shall be established 1every 2matter]! 17But if he should disregard them, speak to the assembly! And if also the assembly he should disregard, let him be to you as if a heathen and tax collector! 18Amen I say to you, as much as you should tie upon the earth, it will be tied in the heaven; and as much as you should untie upon the earth, it will be untied in the heaven. 19Again amen I say to you, that if two of you should join in harmony upon the earth concerning every matter of which ever they should ask, it shall happen to them by my father, the one in the heavens. 20For where there are two or three being gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. 21Then having come forward to him, Peter said, O Lord, how often shall [2sin 3against 4me 1my brother] and I forgive him -- until seven times? 22[2says 3to him 1Jesus], Not I say to you unto seven times, but unto seventy times seven. 23On account of this likened is the kingdom of the heavens to a man, a king, who wants to take up a reckoning with his manservants. 24[3having begun 1And 2he] to take up the matter, brings near to him one debtor of ten thousand talents. 25[3not 4having 1But 2he] means to give back, [2bids 3him 1his master] to be sold, and his wife, and the children, and all as much as he had, and to render back. 26[4falling 1Then 2the 3manservant], did obeisance to him, saying, O Lord, be lenient upon me! and [2all 3to you 1I will give back]. 27[4being moved with compassion on 1And 2the 3master] that manservant, released him, and [3the 4debt 1forgave 2to him]. 28And going forth that manservant found one of his fellow-servants, who owed to him a hundred denarii, and having held him, choked him saying, Give back to me if anything you owe! 29[3falling 1Then 2his fellow-servant] at his feet enjoined him, saying, Be lenient upon me, and I will give back to you! 30But he did not want to, but going forth he cast him into prison, until he should give back the thing being owed. 31[3knowing 1And 2his fellow-servants] the things happening, fretted exceedingly. And having gone they made clear to their master all the things happening. 32Then [2having called 3him 1his master], says to him, [2manservant 1O wicked], all that debt I canceled to you, when you enjoined me; 33[3not 1must 4also 2you] show mercy on your fellow-servant as also I showed mercy on you? 34And being provoked to anger, his master delivered him to the tormenters, until of which time he should give back all being owed to him. 35So also [3father 1my 2heavenly] shall do to you if [2forgives not 1each] his brother from your hearts of their transgressions.
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