Matthew 8


Jesus Cleanses the Leper

1[3coming down 1And 2in his] from the mountain, [3followed 4him 2multitude 1a great]. 2And behold, a leper, having come, did obeisance to him, saying, O Lord, if you should want, you are able to cleanse me. 3And stretching out the hand, [2touched 3him 1Jesus], saying, I want, be cleansed! And immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy. 4And [2says 3to him 1Jesus], See that [2no one 1you tell]! But go [2yourself 1show] to the priest, and offer the gift offering! the one Moses assigned for a testimony to them.

The Believing Centurion

5[3having entered 1And 2Jesus] into Capernaum, came forward to him a centurion enjoining him, 6and saying, O Lord, my servant is lying in the house a paralytic, [2awfully 1being tormented]. 7And [2says 3to him 1Jesus], I coming shall cure him. 8And responding the centurion said, O Lord, I am not fit that [2under my 3roof 1you should enter]; but only speak the word! and [2shall be healed 1my servant]. 9[3also 1For 2I 5a man 4am] under authority, having under myself soldiers. And I say to this one, Go! and he goes. And to another, Come! and he comes. And to my manservant, Do this! and he does. 10And hearing, Jesus marveled, and he said to the ones following, Amen I say to you, not even in Israel [2such great 3belief 1did I find]. 11And I say to you, that many from east and west shall come, and shall be lain down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens. 12But the sons of the kingdom shall be cast out into the [2darkness 1outer]; there, there shall be weeping and the gnashing of teeth. 13And Jesus said to the centurion, Go! and as you trusted let it be to you! And [2was healed 1his servant] in that hour.

Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in-law

14And Jesus having come into the house of Peter, he beheld his mother-in-law lying and having a fever. 15And he touched her hand, and [3left 4her 1the 2fever]; and she arose, and served to them. 16[3late 1And 2becoming], they brought near to him [2being demon-possessed 1many]; and he cast out the spirits by a word; and all [2an illness 1having] he cured; 17so that might be fulfilled the thing having been spoken through Isaiah the prophet saying, He himself [2our weaknesses 1took], and [2the 3diseases 1he bore]. 18[3beholding 1And 2Jesus] great multitudes around him, bid to go forth unto the other side. 19And having come forward, one scribe said to him, Teacher, I will follow you where ever you should go forth. 20And [2says 3to him 1Jesus], The foxes [2dens 1have], and the birds of the heaven shelters; but the son of man has not where [2the 3head 1he should lean]. 21And another of his disciples said to him, O Lord, commit to my care to me first to go forth and bury my father! 22 And Jesus said to him, Follow me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead!

Jesus Calms the Storm

23And in his stepping into the boat, [2followed 3him 1his disciples]. 24And behold, [2quaking 1a great] took place on the sea, so as to [2the boat 1cover] under the waves; but he was sleeping. 25And [2coming forward 1his disciples] roused him, saying, O Lord, save us! we perish. 26And he says to them, Why are you timid, O ones of little belief? Then having arisen, he reproached the winds and the sea; and there became [2calm 1a great]. 27And the men marveled, saying, What kind is this one, that even the winds and the sea obey him?

The Demon Possessed Men of the Gergesenes

28And in his coming unto the other side, unto the place of the Gergesenes, there encountered to him two demon-possessed, [2from out of 3the 4sepulchres 1coming forth], [2ill-tempered 1exceedingly], so that not were able any to go by that way. 29And behold, they cried out, saying, What is it to us and to you, Jesus, O son of God? Are you come here before time to torment us? 30And there was far from them a herd of swine, many grazing. 31And the daimons enjoined him, saying, If you cast us out, commission us to go forth into the herd of the swine. 32And he said to them, Go! And having gone forth, they departed into the herd of the swine. And behold, advanced all the herd of the swine down the precipice into the sea, and they died in the waters. 33And the ones grazing fled. And having gone forth into the city, they reported all, and the things of the ones being demon-possessed. 34And behold, all the city came forth to meet with Jesus. And seeing him, they enjoined him how he should cross over from their borders.
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