Matthew 9


Jesus Heals the Paralytic

1And stepping into the boat, he passed through, and came unto his own city. 2And behold, they brought to him a paralytic [2upon 3a bed 1lying]. And Jesus beholding their belief, said to the paralytic, Courage child! [3have been forgiven 4you 2sins 1your]! 3And behold, some of the scribes said to themselves, This one blasphemes. 4And Jesus knowing their thinking, said, Why do you ponder wicked things in your hearts? 5For what is easier, to say, [3have been forgiven 4you 1The 2sins]; or to say, Arise and walk! 6But so that you should know that [5authority 4has 1the 2son 3of man] over the earth to forgive sins -- then he says to the paralytic, Having arisen, lift up your bed, and go unto your house! 7And having arisen, he went forth unto his house. 8[4having seen 1And 2the 3multitudes] marveled, and they glorified God, the one giving [2authority 1such] to men.

Matthew the Tax Collector

9And Jesus passing by there beheld a man sitting down at the tax collector's station, being called Matthew. And he says to him, Follow me! And having arisen, he followed him. 10And it came to pass of his reclining in the house. And behold, many tax collectors and sinners having come were reclining together with Jesus and his disciples. 11And the Pharisees seeing, said to his disciples, Why with the tax collectors and sinners does [3eat 2teacher 1your]? 12 And Jesus having heard, said to them, [4no 5need 3have 1The ones 2being strong] of a physician, but the ones [2illnesses 1having] do. 13But having gone learn what it is said, Mercy I want, and not sacrifice! [3not 1For not 2I came] to call the righteous, but sinners unto repentance. 14Then came forward to him the disciples of John, saying, Why do we and the Pharisees fast much, but your disciples do not fast? 15And [2said 3to them 1Jesus], [5are not 6able 1the 2sons 3of the 4bridal chamber] to mourn as long as [4with 5them 3is 1the 2groom]. But there shall come days whenever [3departs 4from 5them 1the 2groom], and then they shall fast. 16But no one puts a piece of cloth [2rag 1of an unshrunk] upon [2garment 1an old], [5lifts away 1for 2the 3fullness 4of it] from the garment, and [3worse 1the split 2becomes]. 17Nor do they throw [2wine 1new] into [2leather bags 1old]; otherwise [3are torn 1the 2leather bags], and the wine pours out, and the leather bags they destroy. But they cast [2wine 1new] into [2leather bags 1new], and both are preserved together.

The Woman with the Flow Healed

18[3these things 1In his 2speaking] to them, behold, [2ruler 1one] having come, did obeisance to him, saying that, My daughter just now came to an end; but having come, place your hand upon her! and she shall live. 19And Jesus having arisen, he followed him and his disciples. 20And behold, a woman hemorrhaging twelve years, having come forward behind, touched the decorative hem of his cloak. 21For she said in herself, If only I should touch his cloak, I shall be delivered. 22 And Jesus having turned, and beholding her, said, Courage daughter! your belief has delivered you. And [3was delivered 1the 2woman] from that hour.

Jesus Raises the Ruler's Daughter

23And Jesus having come into the house of the ruler, and beholding the pipers and the multitude making a disruption, 24he says to them, Withdraw! [5not 1for 4died 2the 3young woman], but sleeps. And they ridiculed him. 25But when [3was cast out 1the 2multitude], having entered, he held her hand, and [3arose 1the 2young woman]. 26And went forth this reputation into [2entire 3land 1that]. 27And [2passing 3from there 1in the] of Jesus, there followed him two blind men, crying out and saying, Show mercy upon us, O son of David! 28And having come into the house, there came forward to him the blind men. And [2says 3to them 1Jesus], Do you trust that I am able to do this? They say to him, Yes, O Lord. 29Then he touched their eyes, saying, According to your belief let it be to you! 30And [3were opened 1their 2eyes]; and [2strictly charged 3them 1Jesus], saying, See you let no one know! 31And they, having gone forth, spread of him abroad in [2entire 3land 1that]. 32And of their going forth, behold, they brought near to him [2man 1a mute] being demon-possessed. 33And having been cast out of the demon possessed man, [3spoke 1the 2mute]. And [3marveled 1the 2multitudes], saying, At no time was such shown forth in Israel. 34But the Pharisees said, By the ruler of the demons he casts out the demons. 35And Jesus went about [2the 3cities 1all] and the towns, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and curing every disease, and every infirmity. 36And having beheld the multitudes, he was moved with compassion for them, for they were fainting and dropping as sheep not having a shepherd. 37Then he says to his disciples, For sure the harvest is great, but the workers few; 38beseech then of the Lord of the harvest, so that he should cast workers into his harvest.
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