Micah 2


Destruction of Israel and Judah Foretold

1They came devising troubles, and working evils on their beds, and together during the day they complete them; for they lifted not [2to 3God 1their hands]. 2And they desired fields, and they plundered orphans, and [2households 1tyrannized], and plundered a man and his house, a man and his inheritance. 3On account of this, thus says the  lord, Behold, I devise against this tribe bad things, of which in no way should you lift your necks, and in no way should you be able to go straight; for [2time 1it is a wicked]. 4In that day there shall be taken up against you a parable, and [2shall be wailed 1a lament] in a strain, saying, With misery we were miserable; the portion of my people was measured out with a measuring line, and there was none restraining him to return. Your fields were divided. 5On account of this, there will not be for you one putting a measuring line for a lot in the assembly of the  lord. 6Weep not tears, nor burst into tears over these things! For he will not thrust away the scorn. 7The one saying, The house of Jacob provoked to anger the spirit of the  lord; [2these 3his practices 1are]? Are not his words good with him, and straight going? 8And in former times my people [2for 3enmity 1opposed] against his peace; his skin they flayed to remove hope of the conflict of war. 9The ones leading my people shall be thrown from out of [2houses 1their luxurious]. Because of [2wicked 3practices 1their] they were pushed out. Approach [2mountains 1to everlasting]! 10Rise up and go! for there is not to you this rest. Because of uncleanness you were corrupted by corruption. 11You were pursued by no one pursuing. Your spirit established lying, it trickled you with wine and for strong drink; and it will be from the drop of this people.

The Gathering of the Remnant

12In being gathered Jacob shall be brought together with all. In looking out I shall look out for the remnant of Israel. Together I will establish their return, as sheep in affliction; as a flock in the midst of their fold, they leap out because of men. 13Ascend through the breach before in front of them! They cut through and went through the gate, and came forth through it; and [2went forth 1their king] before in front of them; and the  lord shall lead them.
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