Micah 6


The Judgment of The LORD

1Hear indeed what the  lord said! Rise up, plead with the mountains, and let [3hear 1the 2hills] your voice! 2Hear, O mountains, the judgment of the  lord, and O ravines, foundations of the earth! For there is a case with the  lord against his people; and with Israel he will plead. 3O my people, what did I to you, or how did I trouble you? Answer me! 4For I led you out of the land of Egypt; and from out of the house of slavery I ransomed you. And I sent out before your face Moses and Aaron and Miriam. 5O my people, remember indeed what [4planned 5against 6you 1Balak 2king 3of Moab]! and what [4answered 5to him 1Balaam 2son 3of Beor], from the rushes unto Gilgal, so that [5should be known 1the 2righteousness 3of the 4  lord]. 6By what means should I overtake the  lord? Shall I take hold of my God the highest? Shall I overtake him with a whole burnt-offering, with calves of a year old, no. 7Shall the  lord favorably receive a thousand rams, or myriads [2winter yearlings 1of hearty], no. Shall I give my first-born for my sin offering, no. the fruit of my belly for impiety of my soul, no. 8He explained to you, O man, what is good or what the  lord requires from you; but only to execute equity, and to love mercy, and to be prepared to go with your God. 9The voice of the  lord [2in the 3city 1shall be called upon], and he shall deliver ones fearing his name. Hear, O tribe! and who shall adorn the city? 10Is there not fire, and the house of the lawless one treasuring up treasures of lawless deeds, and with [2insolence 1unrighteous]? 11Shall [2be justified 3by 4a yoke balance scale 1the lawless one], or by a bag [2weights 1of deceitful], 12of which [2their riches 3of impiety 1they filled], and the ones dwelling it spoke lies, and their tongue was exalted in their mouth, no. 13And I tormented you for extinction on account of your sins. 14You shall eat, and in no way be filled up. And I shall banish you to yourself, and you shall be forsaken, and in no way should you be preserved; and as many as should be preserved [2unto 3the broadsword 1shall be delivered up]. 15You shall sow, but you shall not reap; you shall compress the olive, but in no way should you anoint with olive oil; and wine, and in no way shall you drink; and [3shall be obliterated 1the laws 2of my people]. 16For you kept the ordinances of Omri, and all the works of the house of Ahab. And you went by their plans, so that I should deliver you unto extinction, and the ones dwelling her for a hissing; and [2scorn 3of peoples 1you shall receive].
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