Nahum 3


Iniquity of Nineveh

1O city of blood, entirely false, [2of iniquity 1full], [2shall not 3be handled 1the game]. 2The sound of whips, and the sound of quaking of wheels, and [2horse 1the pursuing], and the chariot stirring up, 3horseman ascending, and of the shining broadsword, and flashing shields; and the multitude of slain, and of a heavy downfall; and there was no limit to her nations, and they shall be weak in their bodies from a multitude of harlotry; 4[2harlot 1a good], and gratifying, taking the lead in potions; the one selling nations in her harlotry, and tribes with her potions. 5Behold, I am against you, says the  lord almighty. And I will uncover your behind in your presence, and I will show the nations your shame, and to kingdoms your dishonor. 6And I will cast upon you an abomination according to your uncleannesses, and I will make you for an example. 7And it will be all the ones seeing you shall go from you, and shall say, Wretched Nineveh, who shall moan her? From what place shall I seek comfort to her? 8Tune the string of the lyre! Prepare a part for Amon, the one inhabiting in rivers! Water is round about her, whose rule is the sea, and [2water 1her walls]. 9Ethiopia is her strength, and Egypt. And there stood no limit of your flight into exile. Put and Libya became her helpers. 10And she into displacement shall go captive; and her infants they shall dash upon corners of all her ways; and over all her honorable things they shall cast lots, and all her great men shall be tied with manacles. 11And you shall be intoxicated. And you shall be for overlooking, and you shall seek for yourself a position from enemies. 12All your fortresses are as you, [2fruits 1having], and if they should be shaken, they shall fall into the mouth of ones eating. 13Behold, your people are as women among you to the ones your enemies. By opening [3shall be open 1the gates 2of your land]. [2shall devour 1Fire] the bars of your gates. 14[2water 4for being encompassed about 1Draw 3to yourself]! Secure your fortresses! Step into the mortar, and trample it together with straw! Secure it more than with a brick! 15There [2shall devour 3you 1the fire]; [2shall utterly destroy 3you 1the broadsword]; it shall devour you as a locust, and you shall be oppressed as a grasshopper. 16You multiplied your trade above the stars of the heaven. The grasshopper advanced and spread forth. 17[2leaped out 3as 4the small locust 1Your consolidation], as the locust mounted upon a fence on [2day 1an icy]; the sun rises, and it hops, and knows not its place -- woe to them. 18[2slumbered 1Your shepherds], O king of Assyria, [2rested 1your mighty ones]. [2departed 1Your people] unto the mountains, and there was none looking out for them. 19There is no healing to your destruction; [2is inflamed 1your wound]. All the ones hearing the message of you clap hands over you. For upon whom [2not 3come upon 1did your evil] continually?
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