Nehemiah 4


Sanballat Opposes Building the Wall

1And it came to pass when Sanballat heard that we were building the wall, that it was evil to him, and he was angry very much, and he was laughing out loud over the Jews. 2And he spoke before his brethren, and the force of the Samaritans, and he said, What do these Judahmen do -- the Jews? Shall we not abandon them? Is it to sacrifice? Is it that they will be able to? And today, will they repair the stones with the embankment rubbish for being burnt? 3And Tobiah the Ammonite was next to him, and he said to them, And even if they shall build, shall not [2ascend 1a fox] and demolish [2wall 3of stones 1their]? 4Hear, O our God! for we became for sneering. And return their scorning upon their head, and give them for sneering in a land of captivity! 5And you should not cover over their lawlessness; and their sin -- [2from 3your face 1may it not be wiped away]. For they provoked you to anger before the ones building. 6And we built the wall, and [4was joined together 1all 2the 3wall] unto the half of it. And [5became 1the 2heart 3of the 4people] so as to construct. 7And it came to pass as Sanballat heard, (and Tobiah, and the Arabians, and the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites, that [6ascended 1the 2development 3of the 4walls 5of Jerusalem],) that they began [2the 3gaps 1to block up], that [3wicked 4to them 1it appeared 2exceedingly]. 8And they gathered all together to come and to deploy against Jerusalem, and to do it for a delusion. 9And we prayed to our God, and we set an advance guard against them day and night, in front of them. 10And Judah said, [5is broken 1The 2strength 3of the 4enemies], and the dust is vast, and we shall not be able to build on the wall. 11And [4said 1the 2ones afflicting 3us], They shall not know, and they shall not see until whenever we should come into the midst of them, and should murder them, and should cause [3to cease 1the 2work].

The Jews Build while Defending Themselves

12And it came to pass as [6came 1the 2Jews 3living 4next to 5them], that they said to us, They ascend from out of all the places that you returned from us. 13And I stood men in the lowermost place from behind the wall, in the protected places. And I stood the people according to peoples, with their broadswords, and their wooden spears, and their bows. 14And I beheld, and I rose up, and I spoke to the important ones, and to the commandants, and to the rest of the people, saying, You should not fear from their face. You should remember [5God 1our 2great 3and 4fearful], and deploy for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, and your wives, and your residences! 15And it came to pass when [2heard 1our enemies] that it was made known to us, that [2effaced 1God] their counsel, that [2returned 1we all] to the wall, every man to his work. 16And it came to pass from that day, that half of the ones being arrayed did the work, and half of them resisted with lances, and shields, and bows, and chest plates; and the rulers were behind the whole house of Judah. 17The ones building on the wall, and the ones lifting things on their shoulders, [4armed 5in 6one 7hand 1did 2his 3work], and with one hand held the arrow. 18And the builders -- a man had his broadsword tied upon his loin, and they built. And the one trumpeting by the horn was next to me. 19And I said to the important ones, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, The work is spacious and vast, and we are dispersed upon the wall, [2far 1with each man] from his brother. 20In the place where ever you should hear the sound of the horn, gather together there to us, and our God shall wage war for us. 21And we were doing the work, and the half of us were holding the lances from the ascending of the dawn until the coming out of the stars. 22And in that time I said to the people, Each one with his young one shall lodge in the midst of Jerusalem, and let [2be 3to us 4in the 5night 1an advance guard], and let the day be for work! 23And I was there, and my brethren, and the young men, and the men of the advance guard were behind me; and there was not of us [2being stripped 1a man] of his own garments; a man and his weapons into the water.
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