Nehemiah 5


The Jews Quarrel Over Servitude

And [7was 1the 2cry 3of the 4people 5and 6their wives] great against their brethren of the Jews. And there were some saying, With our sons and with our daughters we are many; and we shall take grain, and shall eat and shall live. And there are some saying, Our fields, and our vineyards, and our houses we mortgaged, and we shall take grain and we shall eat. And there are some saying, We borrowed money for tribute of the king of our fields, and our vineyards, and our houses. And now [2is as 3the flesh 4of our brethren 1our flesh]; as their sons our sons; and behold, we are tyrannizing over our sons and our daughters selling them for servants, and there are some of our daughters being tyrannized already; and there is no power to redeem them by our hands, for our fields and our vineyards belong to the important ones. And I fretted very much as I heard their cry and these words. And [2took counsel 1my heart] with me, and I did combat against the important ones, and the rulers. And I said to them, Shall [2exact 1a man] from his brother what you do? And I put upon them [2assembly 1a great]. And I said to them, We have acquired our brethren of the Jews, of the ones having been sold to the nations, by our voluntary offerings; and do you sell your brethren? Or shall they be sold to us? And they were quiet, and they did not find a word. And I said, [3is not good 1The 2matter] which you do. [2not 4thus 5in 6the fear 7of our God 1Should you 3go forth] because of the scorn of the nations of our enemies? 10 And also I, and my brethren, and my acquaintances, put up for them money and grain; we abandoned indeed this exaction. 11 Return indeed to them, even today, their fields, and their vineyards, and their olive groves, and their houses, and of the money for the grain, and [3the 4wine 5and 6the 7olive oil 1bring forth 2to them]! 12 And they said, We will give it back, and [3from 4them 1we will not 2seek], we shall do thus as you say. And I called the priests, and bound them by an oath to do as this saying. 13 And [2my wrap 1I shook off], and said, Thus shall [2shake off 1God] every man who does not stand by this word, of his house, and of his toil; and he will be thus shaken and empty. And [4said 1all 2the 3assembly], Amen. And they praised the  lord. And [3did 1the 2people] this thing. 14 And also from the day which he gave charge to me to be as their ruler in the land of Judah, from [2year 1the twentieth], and until [4year 1the thirtieth 2and 3second] of Artaxerxes the king, [2years 1twelve], that even I and my brethren [3bread 4of my governing 1did not 2eat]. 15 But the rulers, the ones before me, oppressed upon the people, and took from them in bread loaves and in wine; and last money [2shekels 1of forty]. And also their servants dominated over the people. But I did not do so because of the countenance of the fear of the  lord. 16 And in the work of the wall [2these things 1I repaired]. [3fields of land 1I did not 2acquire], and my servants and all the ones gathering were there for work. 17 And the Jews, and the rulers were a hundred fifty men, and the ones coming to us from the nations round about us were at my table. 18 And there was coming in [2day 1one] -- [2calf 1one], and [3sheep 1six 2choice], and a winter yearling; there came to me also in the midst of ten days all wine in multitude. And with these [3bread 4of my governing 1I did not 2seek], for [3was heavy 1the 2slavery] upon this people. 19 Remember me, O God! for all good as much as I did to this people.
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