Nehemiah 6


Sanballat Attempts to Deceive Nehemiah

1And it came to pass as Sanballat heard, and Tobiah, and Geshem the Arabian, and the rest of our enemies, that I built the wall, that there was no [2left 3in 4it 1breach]; (and indeed until that time [3the doors 1I did not 2set up] in the gates) 2that [4sent 1Sanballat 2and 3Geshem] to me, saying, Come, for we should come together in the towns in the plain of Ono! But they were considering [3against me 1to do 2harm]. 3And I sent [2unto 3them 1messengers], saying, The work is great that I do, and I am not able to go down, lest at any time [3should rest 1the 2work]; when ever I shall perfect it, I shall go down to you. 4And they sent to me as this saying four returns; and I sent to them according to this word. 5And [2sent 3to 4me 1Sanballat] according to this word the fifth time by his servant, and a letter being open was in his hand. 6And was written on it, Among the nations it was heard, and Geshem said that you and the Jews are considering to defect. On account of this you are building the wall, and you should be to them for king. 7And to these things [3prophets 1you established 2to yourself] to proclaim for you in Jerusalem, saying that you reigned in Judea. And now [2will be reported 3to the 4king 1these words]. And now come we should consult together. 8And I sent to him, saying, It happened not as these words which you say, for [3from 4the heart 1you 2lie] about them. 9For all were throwing us into fear, saying, [2shall be made faint 1Their hands] from this work, and it shall not be done. And now I strengthened my hands. 10And I entered into the house of Shemaiah son of Dalaiah, son of Mehetabeel, and he was constrained; and he said, We should gather together in the house of God, in the midst of it, and we should lock its doors, for they are coming by night to murder you. 11And I said, Who is the man such as I that shall flee? Or who such as I shall enter into the house and shall live? 12I shall not enter. And I realized, and behold, God did not send him, for the prophesy was a word against me. And Tobiah and Sanballat hired him, 13so that I should fear, and should do thus, and should sin, and that I should become to them for [2name 1a bad], so as to berate me. 14Remember, O my God, Tobiah and Sanballat! according to [2their actions 1these], and Noadiah the prophet, and to the rest of the prophets who were throwing me into fear.

The Wall of Jerusalem Finished

15And [3was finished 1the 2wall] the fifth and twentieth of the [2Elul 1month], in fifty two days. 16And it came to pass when [3heard 1all 2our enemies], that [6feared 1all 2the 3nations 4round about 5us], and [4fell upon 3fear 2great 1an exceedingly] their eyes. And they knew that by God [3of ours 4was 5perfected 2work 1this]. 17And in those days [3from 4many 5important men 6of Judah 1letters 2went] to Tobiah, and those of Tobiah came to them. 18For many in Judah [2bound by an oath 1were] to him, for [2son-in-law 1he was] of Shechaniah son of Arah. And Johanan his son took the daughter of Meshullam, son of Berechiah for wife. 19And indeed the things being advantageous to him he spoke before me; and [3my words 1they were 2bringing] to him. And [3letters 2sent 1Tobiah] to throw me into fear.
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