Nehemiah 9


Israel Separates the Alien Sons

1And on [4day 1the twentieth 2and 3fourth] of this month, [4gathered together 1the 2sons 3of Israel] for fasting, and with sackcloths and ashes upon their head. 2And [4separated 1the 2sons 3of Israel] from every [2son 1alien]; and they stood and declared openly their sins, and the lawless deeds of their fathers. 3And they stood in their position, and they read in the scroll of the law of the  lord their God the fourth of the day. And they were declaring openly to the  lord the fourth of the day, and doing obeisance to the  lord their God. 4And [2stood 3upon 4the ascent 5of the 6Levites 1Jeshua], and the sons of Kadmiel, Secheniah son of Sherebiah, son of Chenani. And they yelled [2voice 1with a great] to the  lord their God. 5And [3said 1the 2Levites], Jeshua and Kadmiel, Bani, Sherebiah, Hodijah Shebaniah, Pethahiah, Rise up, bless the  lord our God from the eon and unto the eon! And they shall bless [3name 2glorious 1your], and shall raise it up high with all blessing and praise.

Ezra Recounts Israel's History

6And Ezra said, You are he, the  lord alone. You made the heaven and the heaven of the heaven, and all their positions; the earth and all as much as is in it; the seas and all the things in them. And you restore to life all things; and to you [5do obeisance 1the 2militaries 3of the 4heavens]. 7You are, O  lord, the God. You chose Abram, and you led him from the place of the Chaldeans, and placed unto him the name Abraham. 8And you found his heart trustworthy before you, and you ordained with him a covenant, so as to give to him the land of the Canaanites, and Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Jebusites, and Girgashites, and to give it to his seed. And you established your words, for you are just. 9And you beheld the humiliation of our fathers in Egypt, and [2their cry 1you heard] at [2sea 1the red]. 10And you gave signs and miracles in Egypt to Pharaoh, and among all his servants, and among all the people of his land, for you knew that they extolled themselves above them; and you made for yourself a name as it is this day. 11And [2the 3sea 1you tore up] before them, and they went in the midst of the sea in dryness; and the ones pursuing them you tossed into the bottom of the sea, as a stone in [2water 1vehement]. 12And in a column of cloud you guided them by day; and by a column of fire at night, to give light to them for the way in which they went by it. 13And upon mount Sinai you went down and spoke to them from out of heaven, and you gave to them [2judgments 1right], and laws of truth, orders, and [2commandments 1good]. 14And [3Sabbath 1your 2holy] you made known to them; commandments, and orders, and law, you gave charge to them by the hand of Moses your servant. 15And bread from heaven you gave to them for their provision, and water from out of the rock you brought forth for them for their thirst. And you spoke to them to enter to inherit the land into which you stretched out your hand to give to them. 16But they and our fathers were prideful, and they hardened their neck, and they did not hearken unto your commandments. 17And they shook their heads in dissent to listen, and did not remember your wonders which you performed among them. And they hardened their neck, and they granted a sovereign to return [2to 3slavery 1them] in Egypt. But you, O God, in forgiving sins are merciful and pitying, lenient and full of mercy, and did not abandon them. 18And still also they made for themselves [2calf 1a molten]. And they said, These are the gods, the ones leading us from Egypt. And they committed [2provocations to anger 1great]. 19And you in [3compassions 1your 2great] did not abandon them in the wilderness. The column of cloud did not turn aside from them by day to guide them in the way; and the column of fire by night to give light to them in the way in which they went by it. 20And [3spirit 1your 2good] gave a bringing of understanding to them, and your manna you did not withhold from their mouth, and [2water 1you gave] to them in their thirst. 21And forty years you nourished them in the wilderness, and [2lacked not 1they] one thing; their garments did not become old, and their sandals were not torn up. 22And you gave them kingdoms, and [2peoples 1you divided] to them. And they inherited the land of Sihon king of Heshbon, and the land of Og king of Bashan. 23And their sons you multiplied as the stars of the heaven, and brought them into the land which you spoke to their fathers, to enter and to inherit. 24And [2entered 1their sons] and inherited the land. And you obliterated before them the ones dwelling the land of the Canaanites, and you gave them into their hands, even their kings, and the peoples of the land, to do to them as was pleasing before them. 25And they overtook [2cities 1high], and [2land 1a fertile]. And they inherited houses full of all good things, and pits for quarrying, vineyards and olive groves, and every tree of eatable things in multitude. And they ate, and were filled up, and were fattened, and indulged in [3goodness 1your 2great]. 26And they changed and revolted from you. And they tossed your law behind their body, and [2your prophets 1they killed], the ones testifying to them to turn them towards you. And they made [2provocations to anger 1great]. 27And you gave them into the hand of ones afflicting them, and they afflicted them. And they yelled out to you in the time of their affliction, and you [2from out of 3your heaven 1heard], and in [3compassions 1your 2great] you gave deliverers to them, and they delivered them from the hand of ones afflicting them. 28And as they were caused to rest, they turned to act wickedly before you. And you abandoned them into the hands of their enemies, and they ruled among them. And again they yelled out to you. And you from out of heaven listened and rescued them by [3compassions 1your 2abundant]. 29And you attested to them, to turn them to your law. But they acted superior, and hearkened not of your commandments. And in your judgments they sinned, (which [2doing 3them 1a man] shall live by them;) and they gave their back unto resisting persuasion, and [2their neck 1they hardened], and they did not hearken. 30And you were long-suffering unto them [2years 1many], and drew out patience unto them [2years 1many], and attested to them by your spirit, by the hand of your prophets. But they did not give ear, and you gave them into the hand of the peoples of the land. 31And you, in [3compassions 1your 2abundant] did not appoint them to consummation, and you did not abandon them; for you are strong, and merciful, and pitying. 32And now, O our God, the strong, the great, the fortified and fearsome; guarding your covenant, and your mercy; do not let your attention be lessened before you concerning all the trouble which found us, and our kings, and our rulers, and our priests, and our prophets, and our fathers, and among all your people from the days of the kings of Assyria, and until this day! 33For you are just concerning all the things coming upon us, for truth you acted, but we were led into sin. 34And our kings, and our rulers, and our priests, and our fathers observed not your law, and heeded not your commandments, and your testimonies which you testified to them. 35And they in your kingdom, and in [3goodness 1your 2abundant] which you gave to them, and in the [4land 1spacious 2and 3lustrous] which you put before them, did not serve you, and they did not turn from [3practices 1their 2wicked]. 36Behold, we are today servants, and the land which you gave to our fathers, to eat the fruit of it, and the good things of it, even behold, we are servants upon it. 37And [3fruits 1its 2many] became to the kings which you put over us because of our sins; and [2over 3our bodies 1they exercise authority], and over our cattle as is pleasing to them, and [2in 4affliction 3great 1we are]. 38And in all these things we are ordained a trust, and we write it; and [2put a seal upon it 1our rulers] -- our Levites, our priests.
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