Numbers 12


Miriam and Aaron Speak against Moses

1And [4spoke 1Miriam 2and 3Aaron] against Moses, because of the Ethiopian wife, whom Moses took, for [2an Ethiopian woman 1he took]. 2And they said, Has [3only to Moses 2spoken 1the  lord]? Did he not also speak to us? And the  lord heard. 3And the man Moses was [2gentle 1exceedingly] above all the men of the ones being upon the earth. 4And the  lord said immediately to Moses, and Aaron, and Miriam, Come forth you the three into the tent of the testimony! 5And came forth the three into the tent of the testimony. And the  lord came down in a column of cloud, and it stood at the door of the tent of the testimony. And [4were called 1Aaron 2and 3Miriam], and [2came forth 1both]. 6And he said to them, Hear my words. If there should be a prophet among you to the  lord, [3in 4a vision 2to him 1I will be made known], and in sleep I will speak to him. 7Not so my attendant Moses; in [2entire 3house 1my] he is trustworthy. 8Mouth to mouth I will speak to him in sight, and not through enigmas; even [2the 3glory 4of the  lord 1he saw]. And why were you not afraid to speak ill against my attendant Moses? 9And anger of rage of the  lord was upon them, and they went forth. 10And the cloud left from the tent. And behold, Miriam became leprous as snow. And Aaron looked upon Miriam, and behold, she was leprous. 11And Aaron said to Moses, I beseech you, O my master, you should not join sin to us, for we knew not that we sinned. 12Do not let her become as equal to death, as a miscarriage going forth from a womb of his mother, and it eats up half of her flesh. 13And Moses yelled out to the  lord, saying, O God, I beseech you to heal her. 14And the  lord said to Moses, If her father in spitting, spat into her face, would she not feel shame? Seven days she shall be separated outside the camp, and after this she shall enter. 15And Miriam was separated outside the camp seven days; and the people did not lift away until Miriam was cleansed. 16And after these things [3lifted away 1the 2people] from Hazeroth, and they camped in the wilderness of Paran.
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