Numbers 17


The Twelve Rods

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to the sons of Israel! And take from them a rod! a rod according to the houses of the patrimony, from all their rulers, according to the houses of their patrimony -- twelve rods. And for each [2the 3name 1inscribe] upon his rod! 3And the name of Aaron you shall inscribe upon the rod of Levi. For it is [2rod 1one] according to the tribe of the house of their patrimony. 4And you shall put them in the tent of the testimony, over against the testimony, in which I will be made known to you there. 5And it shall be the man who ever I should choose him, his rod shall sprout forth. And I will remove from you the grumbling of the sons of Israel, as much as they grumble against you. 6And Moses spoke to the sons of Israel; and [4gave 5to him 1all 2the 3rulers] their rod -- to the [2ruler 1one] [2rod 1one], according to the ruler, according to the houses of their patrimony -- twelve rods. And the rod of Aaron was in the midst of their rods. 7And Moses put aside the rods before the  lord in the tent of the testimony. 8And it came to pass in the next day, that Moses entered into the tent of the testimony; and behold, [4sprouted 1the 2rod 3of Aaron] for the house of Levi; and it brought forth a bud, and it blossomed a flower, and sprouted walnuts. 9And Moses brought forth all the rods from in front of the  lord to all the sons of Israel. And they saw, and [2took 1each] his rod. 10And the  lord said to Moses, Put aside the rod of Aaron before the testimony! for preservation for a sign to the sons of the unhearing. And let cease their grumbling of me! so in no way they shall die. 11And [4did 1Moses 2and 3Aaron] as the  lord gave orders to Moses -- so they did. 12And [4said 1the 2sons 3of Israel] to Moses, saying, Behold, we have been completely consumed, we have been destroyed, we all have been uselessly consumed, 13every one touching the tent of the  lord dies. Until completion should we die?
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