Numbers 24


Balaam Blesses Israel

1And Balaam seeing that it is good before the  lord to bless Israel, he did not go according to the accustomed way to meet with the ones with omens; and he turned back his face to the wilderness. 2And Balaam lifting up his eyes, looks down on Israel encamped by tribes. And [3became 1spirit 2of God] upon him. 3And taking up his parable, he said, Says Balaam son of Beor. Says the man [2true 1seeing]. 4Says the one hearing oracles of God, who [2a vision 3of God 1saw] in sleep; uncovering his eyes. 5How good are your houses, O Jacob, your tents, O Israel. 6As groves shadowing, as parks near a river, and as tents which the  lord pitched, as cedars by waters. 7[2came forth 1A man] from out of his seed, and he shall dominate [2nations 1many]. And [3shall be raised up high 1Gog 2his kingdom], and [2shall be increased 1his kingdom]. 8 God guided him from out of Egypt; as the glory of a unicorn to him. He shall eat the nations of his enemies, and [2of their thickness 1he will extract the marrow], and with his arrows he shall shoot an enemy. 9Lying down he rested as a lion, and as a cub who shall raise him? The ones blessing you, they are blessed; and the ones cursing you, they are cursed. 10And Balak was enraged at Balaam, and he struck together his hands. And Balak said to Balaam, To imprecate maledictions upon my enemy I have called you, and behold, blessing you blessed this third time. 11Now then, flee unto your place! I said I will esteem you, but now [2deprived 3you 1the  lord] of the glory. 12And Balaam said to Balak, Did I not also [2to 3your messengers 4whom 5you sent 6to 7me 1speak], saying, 13If [3to me 2should give 1Balak 5full 4his house] of silver and gold, I shall not be able to violate the word of the  lord, to do it good or bad by myself. As many things as [2should say 3to me 1God], these things I shall speak. 14And now, behold, I run to my place. Come, I will advise you what [2will do 1this people] with your people in the last of the days. 15And taking up his parable, he said, Says Balaam son of Beor. Says the man [2true 1seeing], 16In hearing oracles of God, having knowledge of higher knowledge by the highest, and [2a vision 3of God 1seeing] in sleep, uncovering his eyes. 17I will show to him, but not now. I bless, and he does not approach. [2will arise 1A star] from out of Jacob, and [2shall rise up 1a man] from out of Israel, and he shall devastate the heads of Moab, and he shall despoil all of the sons of Sheth. 18And Edom shall be an inheritance, and [3shall be 4an inheritance 1Esau 2his enemy]. And Israel acted in strength. 19And one shall be awakened from out of Jacob, and shall destroy the one escaping from the city. 20And having seen Amalek, and taking up his parable, he said, The head of nations is Amalek, and his seed shall perish. 21And having seen the Kenite, and taking up his parable, he said, [2is strong 1Your dwelling], and if you should put [2in 3a rock 1your nest], 22and if it be to Beor a nest of astuteness, the Assyrians shall capture you. 23And taking up his parable, he said, Oh, Oh, who shall live whenever [2should appoint 3these things 1God]? 24And one shall come forth from out of the hands of the Chittim, and they shall afflict Assyria, and they shall afflict Hebrews, and they with one accord shall perish. 25And Balaam rising up went forth returning unto his place. And Balak went forth to his own.
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