Numbers 5


Separation of the Unclean

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Assign to the sons of Israel, and let them send out from the camp every leper, and every one having gonorrhea, and every one unclean from a dead soul! 3from male unto female you send them outside the camp! for in no way shall they defile their camp in which I occupy among them. 4And [4did 5thus 1the 2sons 3of Israel]. And they sent them outside the camp as the  lord said to Moses -- thus [4did 1the 2sons 3of Israel]. 5And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 6Speak to the sons of Israel! saying, A man or woman, who ever should commit of all the sins of mankind, and ignoring should ignore, and [2should trespass 1that soul], 7he should declare openly the sin which he did, and shall give for the trespass offering the total sum, and the fifth part of it he shall add unto it, and shall give back to whomever he trespassed against him. 8But if there might not be to the man acting as next of kin, so as to give to him satisfaction for the trespass offering, let the trespass offering, the one being given be to the  lord -- [2for the 3priest 1it shall be], besides the ram of the atonement, by which he shall atone with it for him. 9And every first-fruit of all the things having been sanctified among the sons of Israel, as many as they should offer to the  lord, [2for the 3priest 4himself 1will be]. 10And the things of each man having been sanctified it will be his; and a man, who ever should give anything to the priest, to him it will be his.

The Law of Jealousy

11And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 12Speak to the sons of Israel! and you shall say to them, The man, a man if [2should violate 1his wife], and in overlooking should ignore him, 13and anyone should go to bed with her in the marriage-bed of semen, and it should be unaware from the eyes of her husband, and she should hide it, and herself should be defiled, and [2witness 1there should be no] against her, and she should not be conceived; 14and there should come upon him a spirit of jealousy, and he should be jealous of his wife, and she be defiled; or there should come upon him a spirit of jealousy and he should be jealous of his wife, and she should not be defiled; 15then [3shall lead 1the 2man] his wife to the priest, and he shall bring the gift for her, the tenth of the ephah of flour of barley; he shall not pour upon it olive oil, nor shall he place upon it frankincense; for it is a sacrifice for jealousy, a sacrifice of memorial, calling to mind sin. 16And [3shall bring 4her 1the 2priest], and stand her before the  lord. 17And [3shall take 1the 2priest 6water 4clean 5living] in [2receptacle 1an earthenware], and some of the earth being upon the floor of the tent of the testimony; and taking it, the priest shall put it into the water. 18And [3shall stand 1the 2priest] the woman before the  lord, and he shall uncover the head of the woman, and he shall give unto her hands the sacrifice of memorial, the sacrifice of jealousy; but in the hand of the priest will be the water of rebuke, the one accursing this. 19And [3shall adjure 4her 1the 2priest], and he shall say to the woman, If no one has gone to bed with you, if you have not violated to be defiled being under [2husband 1your own], be innocent from [2by the 3water 4of rebuke 1this accursing]! 20But if [2you 3violated 1being married], or were defiled, and any gave of his marriage-bed with you, besides your husband; 21then [3shall bind 1the 2priest] the woman by the oaths of this imprecation. And [3shall say 1the 2priest] to the woman, May [2appoint 3you 1the  lord] to a curse and solemn affirmation in the midst of your people, in the  lord giving of your thigh to miscarry, and your belly to bloat; 22and [3shall enter 2water 1this accursing] into your belly to bloat pregnant and to miscarry by your thigh. And [3shall say 1the 2woman], May it be. May it be. 23And [3shall write 1the 2priest] these imprecations on a scroll, and shall wipe them away in the water of the rebuke of the accursing. 24And he shall give to drink to the woman the water of the rebuke of the accursing; and shall enter into her the water of the rebuke of the accursing. 25And [3shall take 1the 2priest] from out of the hand of the woman the sacrifice of jealousy, and shall place the sacrifice before the  lord. And he shall bring her unto the altar. 26And [3shall grab 1the 2priest] from the sacrifice as a memorial of it, and he shall offer it upon the altar; and after these things he will cause [3to drink 1the 2woman] the water. 27And it shall be if she should be defiled, and in forgetfulness [2should be unaware 1her husband], then shall enter into her the water of rebuke of accursing, and [3shall bloat 1the 2belly], and [2shall miscarry 1her thigh]. And [3will be 1the 2woman] for a curse to her people. 28But if [3should not 4be defiled 1the 2woman], and should be clean, then she will be innocent, and shall produce offspring of semen. 29This is the law of the jealousy in which ever [3should violate 1a woman 2being married] and should be defiled; 30or a man who ever should have [3come 4upon 5him 1a spirit 2of jealousy], and should be jealous of his wife, and should stand his wife before the  lord, then [3shall do 4to her 1the 2priest] all this law. 31And [3will be innocent 1the 2man] from sin. And that woman shall take the sin on herself.
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