Numbers 6


Laws Regarding Vows of Purity

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to the sons of Israel! And you shall say to them, A man or woman, who ever should greatly vow a vow to purify oneself in purity to the  lord, 3from wine and liquor he shall be pure, and strong drink from out of wine; and strong drink from out of liquor he shall not drink; and as many things as are manufactured from out of the grape he shall not drink; and [2grape 1fresh] and dried grape he shall not eat. 4All the days of his vow, from all as many things as come from the grapevine, wine, from dregs unto grape-stone, he shall not eat. 5All the days of the vow of his purification a razor shall not come upon his head, until whenever [3should be fulfilled 1the 2days], as many as he made a vow to the  lord. He shall be holy, maintaining the lock of hair on his head. 6All the days of the vow to the  lord [3unto 4any 5soul 6coming to an end 1he shall not 2enter]. 7Unto father and unto mother, and to brother, and to sister, he shall not be defiled by them in their dying; for [2vow 3of God 1his] is upon him, upon his head. 8All the days of his vow will be holy to the  lord. 9And if anyone [2to death 1should die] near him suddenly, immediately [4shall be defiled 1the 2head 3of his vow]; and he shall shave his head in which day he should be cleansed; the [2day 1seventh] he shall be shaved. 10And the [2day 1eighth] he shall bring two turtle-doves, or two young pigeons to the priest at the doors of the tent of the testimony. 11And [3shall offer 1the 2priest] one for a sin offering, and one for a whole burnt-offering; and [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest], for of which he sinned concerning touching the dead soul, and he shall sanctify his head in that day, 12in which he was sanctified to the  lord, all the days of the vow. And he shall lead forward a lamb of a year old for a trespass offering. And the [2days 1former] shall not be reckoned, for [4was defiled 1the 2head 3of his vow]. 13And this is the law of the making a vow; in which ever day he shall have fulfilled the days of his vow, he shall bring himself by the doors of the tent of the testimony, 14and shall lead his gift to the  lord -- [3he-lamb 4of a year old 2unblemished 1one] for a whole burnt-offering, and [3ewe-lamb 4of a year old 1one 2unblemished] for a sin offering, and [3ram 1one 2unblemished] for a deliverance offering; 15and a bin of unleavened fine flour breads being prepared in olive oil, and [2pancakes 1unleavened] being anointed in olive oil, and their sacrifice, and their libation. 16And [3shall bring them 1the 2priest] before the  lord, and shall offer the sacrifice for his sin offering, and his whole burnt-offering. 17And with the ram he shall make a sacrifice of deliverance to the  lord with the bin of unleavened breads. And [3shall offer 1the 2priest] his sacrifice offering, and his libation. 18And [3shall shave 1the 2one making a vow] by the doors of the tent of the testimony the head of his vow; and he shall place the hair upon the fire, the one which is upon the sacrifice of the deliverance offering. 19And [3shall take 1the 2priest] the shoulder cooked from the ram, and [3bread 1one 2unleavened] from the bin, and [3pancake 2unleavened 1one]; and he shall place them upon the hands of the one making a vow, after his shaving of his head. 20And [3shall offer 4them 1the 2priest] as an increase offering before the  lord; it shall be a holy portion to the priest beside the breast of the increase offering, and beside the shoulder of the cut-away portion offering. And after this [3shall drink 1the 2one making a vow] wine. 21This is the law of the one making a vow; who ever should make a vow to the  lord of his gift to the  lord, concerning the vow, separate from what ever [2should find 1his hand] according to ability of his vow, of what ever he should have vowed according to the law of his purity. 22And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 23Speak to Aaron and his sons! saying, Thus you shall bless the sons of Israel, saying to them, 24May [2bless 3you 1The  lord], and keep you. 25May the  lord shine his face upon you, and show mercy on you. 26May the  lord lift up his face upon you, and give you peace. 27And they shall place my name upon the sons of Israel, and I will bless them.
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