Proverbs 10


The Just and the Impious

1[2son 1A wise] gladdens a father, [3son 1but 2a foolish] is distress to a mother. 2[2shall not 3benefit 1Treasures] the lawless; but righteousness shall rescue from out of death. 3[2will not 3famish 1The  lord 5soul 4a just]; but the life of the impious he will prostrate. 4Poverty [2a man 1humbles]; but the hands of the vigorous enrich. A son being corrected will be wise; but the foolish [2for a servant 1he will treat]. 5[3is preserved 4from 5sweltering heat 2son 1An intelligent]; but destruction by the wind comes at the harvest to a son who is a lawbreaker. 6A blessing of the  lord is upon the head of the just; but the mouth of the impious he covers [2mourning 1with untimely]. 7Remembrance of the just is with commendation; but the name of the impious is extinguished. 8A wise heart shall receive commandments; but the open-mouthed [3lips 2by crooked 1shall be tripped up]. 9The one who goes simply, goes complying; but the one perverting his ways shall be known. 10The beckoning eye with treachery gathers [2for men 1distresses]; but the one reproving with an open manner makes peace. 11The spring of life is in the hand of the just; [4the mouth 1but 5of the impious 3shall cover 2destruction]. 12Hatred raises up altercation; [4all 1but 5the ones 6not 7fond of altercations 3shall cover 2friendship]. 13The one who [3from 4his lips 1brings forth 2wisdom], [4with a rod 1beats 3man 2the heartless]. 14The wise shall hide perception; but the mouth of the precipitous approaches destruction. 15The property of rich men [2city 1is a fortified]; but destruction of impious ones is poverty. 16The works of the just [2life 1produce]; but the fruit of the impious produces sins. 17[3the ways 4of life 2keeps 1Instruction], but instruction unascertained wanders. 18[3cover 4hatred 2lips 1Just]; but the ones bringing forth reviling are most foolish. 19By many words you shall not flee from sin; but in the sparing of your lips you will be intelligent. 20[3is silver 4being purified 1The tongue 2of the just]; but the heart of the impious shall fail. 21The lips of just ones have knowledge of high things; but the fools [2with 3lack 1come to an end]. 22The blessing of the  lord upon the head of the just -- this enriches, and in no way shall [4be added 5to it 1distress 2in 3heart]. 23With laughter a fool commits evils; but wisdom [3to a man 1births 2intelligence]. 24By destruction an impious man is carried round about; but the desire of the just is accepted. 25In the coming of the blast [3are obliterated 1the 2impious]; but the just in turning aside escapes into the eon. 26As an unripe grape to the teeth is hurtful, and smoke to the eyes; thus unlawfulness to the ones dealing with it. 27The fear of the  lord adds days; but the years of the impious shall be lessened. 28[2lingers 3with the just 1Gladness]; but the hope of the impious shall be destroyed. 29[3is the fortress 4of the sacred 1The fear 2of the  lord]; but destruction to the ones working evils. 30The just [3into 4the 5eon 1shall not 2give way]; but the impious shall not live on the earth. 31The mouth of the just drops wisdom; but the tongue of the unjust shall be totally ruined. 32The lips [2men 1of just] drop favors; but the mouth of the impious is perverted.
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