Proverbs 11


The Wicked and the Just

1[2yoke balance scales 1Deceitful] are an abomination before the  lord; [3weight 1but 2a just] is acceptable to him. 2Where ever [2should enter 1insult], [3there 2is also 1dishonor]; but the mouth of the humble meditates upon wisdom. 3[4in dying 1The just 2forsakes 3regret]; but beforehand [3takes place 4and 5incurs ridicule 2of the impious 1the destruction]. 4The soundness of the upright will guide them; and a fall [2the ones disregarding 1will plunder] them. [2will not benefit 1Possessions] in the day of rage; and righteousness shall rescue from death. 5Righteousness unblemished cuts straight ways; but impiety falls among injustice. 6Righteousness [2men 1of upright] shall rescue them; but by thoughtlessness [2are captured 1lawbreakers]. 7Of the coming to an end [2man 1of a just] [2is not 3destroyed 1hope]; but the boasting of the impious is destroyed. 8The just [2from out of 3a trap 1are taken]; [2instead 3of him 1and 6is delivered up 4the 5impious one]. 9In the mouth of impious men is a snare to fellow-countrymen; but the perception of just men is prosperous. 10By the good things of just men [2is set up 1a city]; and in the destruction of the impious there is a leap for joy. 11By the blessing of the upright [2shall be exalted 1a city]; but by the mouths of impious men it shall be razed. 12[3sneers at 4fellow-countrymen 1A man lacking 2of sense]; [3man 1but 2an intelligent 5restfully 4leads]. 13A man being double-tongued uncovers plans in the sanhedrin; but the trustworthy man in breath [2hidden 1keeps matters]. 14The ones who do not exist with guidance fall as leaves; but deliverance exists in much counsel. 15The wicked man does evil whenever he mixes with a just man; and he detests the sound of safety. 16[2wife 1A gracious] raises [2to her husband 1glory]; but a throne of dishonor is a wife detesting righteous things. [4of riches 1The lazy 3lacking 2become]; but the vigorous establish riches. 17[5to 6his soul 4good 3does 2man 1A merciful]; [4totally ruins 1but 5his 6body 2the 3unmerciful]. 18The impious do [2works 1unjust]; but the seed of the just is a wage of truth. 19[2son 1A just] engenders unto life; but the persecution of the impious is unto death. 20[3are an abomination 4to the  lord 1Perverting 2ways]; [6are acceptable 1but 7to him 2all 3unblemished ones 4in 5the way]. 21[4against a hand 2hands 1The one putting 3unjustly 6not 8unpunished 5will 7be] of evils; but the one sowing righteousness shall receive [2wage 1a trustworthy]. 22As a ring of gold in a nose of a pig; so [3woman 2to an evil-minded 1beauty]. 23[2the desire 3of the just 1All] is good; but the hope of the impious shall perish. 24There are the ones [2their own seed 1sowing 4more 3making]; and there are also the ones gathering having less. 25[3soul 4is being blessed 1Every 2sincere]; but a man inclined to rage is not decent. 26[2the one 3hoarding 4grain 1May] leave it to the nations; but a blessing be on the head of the one sharing. 27The one contriving good things seeks [2favor 1good]; but the one seeking evil things, evil shall overtake him. 28The one yielding upon his own riches, this one shall fall; but the one assisting just men shall rise. 29The one not being accommodating to his own house shall inherit the wind; [3will be a slave 1and 2the fool] to the intelligent. 30From out of the fruit of righteousness germinates a tree of life; [4are removed 1but 5at unseasonable times 2the lives 3of lawbreakers]. 31If then the just are hardly delivered, the impious one and the sinner, where shall he appear?
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