Proverbs 12


The Way of Righteousness Leads to Life

1The one loving instruction loves perception; but the one detesting reproofs is a fool. 2Better the one finding favor from the  lord; but a man who is a lawbreaker shall be silenced. 3[2will not 3keep straight 1A man] by a lawless deed; but the roots of the just shall not be lifted away. 4[2wife 1A courageous] is a crown to her husband; but as [2in 3wood 1the worm], so [4her husband 3destroys 2wife 1an evil doing]. 5The devices of the just are true judgments; [3devise 1but 2the impious] treachery. 6The words of the impious are deceitful for blood; but the mouth of the upright shall rescue them. 7Of which ever time [3should be over turned 1the 2impious] he vanishes; but the houses of the just remain. 8The mouth of the discerning is lauded by a man; but the dull of heart is sneered at. 9Better a man with dishonor serving himself, than [2value 3on himself 1one putting], and feeling want of bread. 10A just one pities the lives of his cattle; but the feelings of compassion of the impious are unmerciful. 11The one working his own ground shall be filled up with bread loaves; but the ones pursuing vain things are lacking of sense. The one who is pleasure-bent in wine drinking pastimes, [3in 4his own 5fortresses 1shall leave behind 2dishonor]. 12The desires of the impious are evil things; but the roots of the pious are in fortresses. 13Through the sin of the lips [2falls 3into 4snares 1a sinner]; [3flees 1but 4from 5them 2the just]. 14From fruits of the mouth a soul of a man shall be filled of good things; and a recompense of his lips shall be rendered to him. 15The ways of fools are straight before them; [3listens to 1but 4advice 2the wise]. 16A fool daily publishes his anger; [3hides 1but 4his own 5dishonor 2one astute]. 17[3by displaying 4trust 2reports 1The just man]; but the witness of the unjust is deceitful. 18There are the ones speaking -- they pierce as a sword; but the tongues of the wise heal. 19[2lips 1True] straighten testimony; [3witness 1but 2a quick 6tongue 4has 5an unjust]. 20Treachery is in the heart of the one contriving evils; but the ones wanting peace shall be glad. 21[3shall not please 4the 5just 1Anything 2unjust]; but the impious shall be filled with bad things. 22[3are an abomination 4to the  lord 2lips 1Lying]; but the one dealing in trust is accepted by him. 23[2man 1A discerning] is a throne of perception; but the heart of fools shall meet with curses. 24The hand of chosen men shall prevail easily; but the deceitful will be for plunder. 25A fearful word [2the heart 1disturbs] of a man; [3message 1but 2a good] gladdens him. 26[4arbitrator 3a just 5of himself 1A friend 2will be]; but the ones sinning pursue evil things, and the way of the impious misleads them. 27[2shall not 3succeed in 1A deceitful man] hunting; [5possession 1but 4is an esteemed 3man 2a pure]. 28In the ways of righteousness is life; but the ways of the resentful are unto death.
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