Proverbs 13


Good Instructions

[2son 1An astute] is subject to his father; [3son 1but 2an unhearing] goes unto destruction. From fruits of righteousness [2shall eat 1the good]; but the lives of lawbreakers will be destroyed unseasonably. The one who guards his own mouth gives heed to his own soul; but the one with precipitous lips shall terrify himself. [4with 5desire 3is 1Every 2idle man]; but the hands of the vigorous are caring. [4word 3an unjust 2detest 1The just]; but the impious man is ashamed, and shall not have an open manner. Righteousness guards the guileless in the way; but the [2impious ones 1vile] produce sin. There are the ones enriching themselves, [2nothing 1having]; and there are the ones abasing themselves with many riches. [4is the ransom 1A man's 5of his life 2own 3riches]; but the poor does not stand at intimidation. Light to the just is always; light for the impious is extinguished. 10 An evil man [3with 4insult 1practices 2evil]; but the [3themselves 2are arbitrating 1wise]. 11 Substance being hastily obtained with lawlessness [2less 1becomes]; but the one gathering for himself with piety shall be multiplied. The just pities and lends. 12 Better is the one commencing help in heart, than the one promising, and [2to 3hope 1leads another]; [4is a tree 1for 5of life 3desire 2a good]. 13 The one who disdains a matter, shall be disdained by it; but the one fearing a commandment, this one is in health. [2son 1To a deceitful] nothing will be good; [3servant 1but 2a wise 5prosperous 4will be] in actions, and [2shall prosper 1his way]. 14 The law for the wise is a spring of life; but the mindless man [2by 3a snare 1shall die]. 15 [2understanding 1Good] gives favor; but to know the law [3consideration 1is 2of good]; but the ways of the disdaining end in destruction. 16 Every astute man acts with knowledge; but the fool spreads forth [2for himself 1evil]. 17 [2king 1A rash] falls into evils; [3messenger 1but 2a wise] shall rescue him. 18 Poverty and dishonor are removed by instruction; and the one guarding reproofs shall be extolled. 19 The desires of the impious delight the soul; but the works of the impious are far from knowledge. 20 The one going with wise men, will be wise; but the one going with fools shall be known. 21 [3ones sinning 2shall pursue 1Evils]; but [3the just 2shall overtake 1good things]. 22 A good man shall inherit sons of sons; [4are treasured up 1and 5for the just 2the riches 3of the impious]. 23 The just shall spend [3in 4wealth 2years 1many]; but the unjust shall perish suddenly. 24 The one who spares the staff detests his son; but the one loving carefully corrects. 25 The just in eating fills up his soul; but souls of the impious go lacking.
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