Proverbs 14


Two Ways

Wise women build houses; but the foolish razes her house by her hands. The one going rightly fears the  lord; but the crooked one [2in 3his ways 1shall be dishonored]. From out of the mouth of fools is a staff of insult; but the lips of the wise keep them. Where there are no oxen, the stables are clean; and where there is much produce, [3is apparent 2of the ox 1the strength]. [2witness 1A trustworthy] does not lie; [4kindles 1but 2a lying 3witness] unjust acts. You shall seek wisdom with bad men, and you shall not find it; but good sense from the intelligent is easily managed. All things are adverse [2man 1to a foolish]; [4are shields 1but 5for good sense 3lips 2wise]. The wisdom of the astute will realize their ways; but the thoughtlessness of fools leads unto delusion. The houses of lawbreakers shall owe cleansing; but the houses of the just are acceptable. 10 The heart of a man is sensitive [2distress 1of his soul's]; but whenever he should be glad, he shall not intermix insult. 11 The houses of the impious shall be obliterated; but the tents of the ones keeping straight shall stand. 12 There is a way which seems to be straight by men, but the finalities of it come into the lower branch of Hades. 13 [4with 5gladness 2does not 3mingle 1Distress]; and the finality of joy [2into 3mourning 1comes]. 14  [3his own 4ways 2shall be filled with 1The bold-hearted]; [4with 1and 5his thoughts 3man 2a good]. 15 The guileless believe every word; but the astute one comes to repentance. 16 A wise man, fearing, turns aside from evil; but the fool, yielding to himself, mixes in with the lawless one. 17 A man quick to rage acts with thoughtlessness; [3man 1but 2an intelligent 5many things 4endures]. 18 [2shall portion 1Fools] evil; but the astute shall hold to good sense. 19 [2shall slip 1Evil men] before good men; and the impious will attend the doors of the just. 20 Friends shall detest [2friends 1poor]; but friends of the rich are many. 21 The one dishonoring the needy sins; but the one showing mercy on the poor is most blessed. 22 The ones wandering contrive evils; but mercy and truth are contrived by the good. [3do not 4have knowledge of 5mercy 6and 7trust 1The fabricators 2of evils]; but charity and trust are by [2fabricators 1good]. 23 With every one having concern there is extra; but the pleasure-bent and unfeeling [2with 3lack 1will be]. 24 The crown of the wise is their riches; but the pastime of fools is evil. 25 [3shall rescue 5from evils 4a soul 2witness 1A trustworthy]; [3kindles 1but 4lying 2a deceitful man]. 26 In the fear of the  lord hope is strength; and to his children he leaves a support. 27 The order of the  lord is a spring of life, and it causes one to turn aside from the snare of death. 28 [3is in 4an abundant 5nation 1Glory 2of a king]; but in a wanting people there is destruction of a mighty one. 29 A lenient man is abundant in intelligence; but the faint-hearted is strongly foolish. 30 A gentle-minded man [2of the heart 1is a healer]; [4is a moth 1but 5for the bones 3heart 2a sensitive]. 31 The one extorting the needy provokes the one making him; but the one esteeming him shows mercy on the poor. 32 [3in 4his evil 2shall be thrust away 1The impious]; the one complying in his own sacredness is just. 33 [3in 4the heart 5of a good 6man 2rests 1Wisdom]; but in the heart of fools it is not determined. 34 Righteousness raises up high a nation; [3lessen 1but 4tribes 2sins]. 35 [3is acceptable 4to a king 2officer 1An intelligent]; and by his own versatility he removes dishonor.
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