Proverbs 16


Wise Lips Preserve Life

Let the heart of a man consider just things, that [3by 4God 2should set right 1his footsteps]. All the works of the humble are apparent by God; but the impious [2in 4day 3an evil 1shall be destroyed]. [3is unclean 4with 5God 1Every 2proud heart]; [3a hand 1and 4against hands 2a man putting] unjustly shall not be acquitted. The beginning [2way 1of a good] is to do just things; and it is more acceptable by God rather than to sacrifice sacrifices. The one seeking the  lord shall find knowledge with righteousness; and the ones rightly seeking him shall find peace. All the works of the  lord are with righteousness; [4is kept 1and 2the 3impious] for [2day 1the evil]. 10 An oracle is upon the lips of a king; but in judgment, in no way should [2be misled 1his mouth]. 11 The crux of the yoke balance scale is righteousness with God; and [2works 1his 4weights 3are just]. 12 [4is an abomination 5to a king 1The one 2doing 3evils]; for with righteousness [3is prepared 1the throne 2of sovereignty]. 13 [3are acceptable 4to the king 2lips 1Just]; [6words 1and 5straight 4loves 2the 3  lord]. 14 The rage of a king is a messenger of death; [3man 1but 2a wise] will appease him. 15 [3is in 4the light 5of life 1The son 2of a king]; and the ones acceptable to him are as a cloud of late rain. 16 Nests of wisdom are more preferred than gold; and nests of intelligence more preferred than silver. 17 The paths of life turn aside from evils; [4are length 1and 5of existence 2the ways 3of righteousness]. The one receiving instruction [2among 3good things 1will be]; and the one keeping reproofs shall be made wise. The one who guards his own ways gives heed to his own soul; and the one loving his life shall spare his mouth. 18 [3before 4destruction 2takes the lead 1Insolence]; and before a calamitous downfall evil thinking. 19 Better a gentle-minded one with a low estate, than one who divides spoils with the arrogant. 20 The one discerning in matters is an inventor of good things; and the one yielding upon God is most blessed. 21 [2the 3wise 4and 5discerning 6vile 1Men call]; but the ones sweet in words [2much 1shall be heard]. 22 The spring of life is insight to the ones acquiring; but the instruction of fools is evil. 23 The heart of the wise shall comprehend the things from his own mouth; and upon lips he shall wear knowledge. 24 [3are honeycombs 4of honey 2words 1Good]; and the sweetness of them is healing for the soul. 25 There are ways that seem to be straight to a man, however the finalities of them look into the lower branch of Hades. 26 A man in toils toils for himself, and expels [2from him 1destruction]. 27 However the crooked man [3upon 4his own 5mouth 1wears 2destruction]. [2man 1A foolish] digs [2for himself 1evils]; and upon his own lips treasures up fire. 28 [2man 1A crooked] spreads evils, and by the torch of treachery lights a fire for evils, and he parts friends. 29 A man who is a lawbreaker puts [2to test 1his friends], and takes them ways not good. 30 Fixing firmly his eyes, he devises perverted things; and he confirms with his lips all the evils; this man is a furnace of evil. 31 The crown of boasting is old age; [3in 1and 4the ways 5of righteousness 2it is found]. 32 Better [2man 1a lenient] than a strong man; and a man of intelligence than one having [2farm 1a great]; and the one holding his anger is better than one overtaking a city. 33 Into enfolded arms come all things to the unjust; [4are from 1but 5the  lord 2all 3just things].
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