Proverbs 17


Wisdom Keeps One from Trouble

1Better a morsel with satisfaction in peace, than a house full of many good things, and unjust things offered for sacrifices with battles. 2[2servant 1An intelligent] shall prevail over [2masters 1foolish]; and among brethren he shall divide portions. 3As [4tried 5in 6a furnace 1silver 2and 3gold]; so choice hearts by the  lord. 4A bad man obeys the tongue of lawbreakers; and an unjust man heeds [2lips 1lying]. 5The one ridiculing the poor provokes the one making him. And the one rejoicing at one being destroyed shall not be acquitted; but the one showing compassion shall be shown mercy. 6[3are the crown 4of the aged 1Children's 2children]; [3are the boasting 1and 2children] of their fathers. [4is of the 5trustworthy 1The entire 2world 3of things]; but for the unbelieving not an obolus. 7[3shall not 4suit 5a fool 2lips 1Trustworthy], nor [3to the just 2lips 1lying]. 8[5wage 4is a favorable 1Instruction 2to the 3ones employing it]; and where ever it shall turn, the way shall be prosperous. 9The one who hides offences seeks friendship; but the one who detests hiding it sets apart friends and family members. 10[2breaks down 1Intimidation] the heart of the intelligent; but a fool being whipped does not perceive. 11Disputes arise with every evil man; but the  lord [3angel 2an unmerciful 1shall send forth] against him. 12[2shall fall unto 1Anxiety 4man 3an intelligent]; but the fools shall argue evil things. 13The one who repays evil things for good things, [2shall not 3be moved 1evil things] from out of his house. 14[4authority 3shall give 5to words 1The sovereignty 2of righteousness]; [5lead 1but 6to lack 2faction 3and 4fighting]. 15The one who [4as just 1judges 2the 3unjust], [4as unjust 1or 2the 3just], is unclean and abominable before God. 16Why did [2exist 1riches] to the fool? [5to acquire 1for 6wisdom 2the heartless 3will not 4be able]. The one who [4high 1makes 2his own 3house] seeks destruction; and the one being crooked to learn shall fall into evils. 17For all time [2the 3friend 1let] exist to you! [2the brethren 5in 6distresses 4profitable 1let 3be]! for this favor they were born. 18[2man 1A foolish] claps and rejoices over himself, as also the one guaranteeing a loan by surety for his own friend. 19The one fond of sinning rejoices in fights; 20and the hard-hearted one does not meet with good things. A man with a changeable tongue will fall into evils; 21and the heart of a fool is grief to its possessor. [2is not 3glad 1A father] over [2son 1an uninstructed]; [3son 1but 2an intelligent] gladdens his mother. 22A heart being glad [2to be in good health 1makes]; [3man 1but 2a distressed] dries the bones. 23One receiving gifts in enfolded arms unjustly does not greatly prosper in the ways; and an impious man turns aside the ways of righteousness. 24The countenance [3is discerning 2man 1of a wise]; but the eyes of the fool are unto the uttermost parts of the earth. 25[3is anger 4to a father 2son 1A foolish], and grief to the one birthing him. 26To penalize [2man 1a just] is not good; nor is it sacred to plot against [2monarchs 1just]. 27The one sparing [3word 1to let go 2a hard] is an arbitrator; and a lenient man is intelligent. 28To an unthinking man asking, wisdom shall be imputed; [3dumb man 1and 2any 5for himself 4doing] shall seem to be intelligent.
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