Proverbs 18


Death and Life Are in the Tongue

1[7excuses 6seeks 1A man 2wanting 3to separate 4from 5friends]; [2at 3all 1but] time he will be reviled. 2[4no 5need 3has 6for wisdom 1One lacking 2of sense]; for rather he is led by folly. 3Whenever [2should come 1the impious] into a depth of evils, he pays no attention, and there comes upon him dishonor and scorn. 4[6water 5is deep 1A word 2in 3the heart 4of a man]; and a river [4jump up 1and 2a spring 3of life]. 5To admire the face of the impious is not good; nor is it sacred to turn aside the just in a judgment. 6Lips of a fool lead him into evils; and [3mouth 1his 2bold 5death 4calls unto]. 7The mouth of a fool is destruction to him; and his lips are a snare for his soul. 8The lazy are thrown down by fear; and the souls of effeminate ones shall hunger. 9The one not repairing himself by his works is brother of the one laying himself waste. 10[3is of 4great 5strength 1The name 2of the  lord]; [5to it 1and 4running up 2the just 3are raised up high]. 11The substance of a rich man [2city 1is a fortified]; and its glory [2greatly 1overshadows]. 12Before destruction [3is raised up high 1the heart 2of a man], and before glory it is humbled. 13The one who answers a word before hearing the matter, [2folly 5to him 1it is 3and 4scorn]. 14[4the rage 5of a man 3calms 2attendant 1An intelligent]; but a faint hearted man, who can endure. 15The heart of an intelligent man acquires perception; and ears of the wise seek insight. 16A gift of a man widens him; and [3by 4monarchs 1sits 2him]. 17A just man, [2of himself 1is an accuser] at the beginning of speaking; but when ever [3demands attention 1the 2opponent] he is reproved. 18[3disputes 2ceases 1The lot], and among the monarchs it defines the bounds. 19A brother [2by 3a brother 1being helped] is as [4city 3fortified 2and 1a high]; and is strong as a well founded palace. 20From fruits of the mouth a man fills his belly; and from fruits of his lips he shall be filled up. 21Death and life are in the handle of the tongue; and the ones holding it shall eat of its fruits. 22The one who found [2wife 1a good], found favors; and he received [2from 3the  lord 1happiness]. The one who casts out [2woman 1a good], casts out good things; but the one holding on to an adulteress is foolish and impious. 23[3of supplications 2utter sounds 1The needy]; but the rich man responds harsh. 24A man having friends is for friendship; and there is a friend cleaving to over a brother.
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