Proverbs 19


The Fear of The LORD Leads to Life

1Better is one poor going in his simplicity, than one crooked of his lips, and he is unthinking. 2And even [2without 3higher knowledge 1a soul] is not good; and the one hastening with the feet sins. 3The folly of a man lays waste his ways; and [2God 1he blames] in his heart. 4Riches add [2friends 1many]; but the poor one [2even 3by 4the 6that exists 5friend 1is forsaken]. 5[2witness 1A lying 4not 6unpunished 3shall 5be]; and the one accusing unjustly shall not escape. 6Many attend to the persons of a king; but every evil man becomes scorn to men. 7Every one who [3brother 2a poor 1detests] [2also 5from friendship 4far 1will 3be]. [2insight 1Good 4to the ones 5perceiving 6it 3approaches]; [3man 1and 2an intelligent] will find it. The many doing evil perfect a work of evil; and the one who aggravates by words shall not be delivered. 8The one acquiring intelligence loves himself; and the one guarding intelligence shall find good. 9[2witness 1A lying 4not 6unpunished 3shall 5be]; and who ever shall kindle evil shall perish by it. 10[2is not 3advantageous 4to a fool 1Luxury], nor is it seemly if a servant should begin [2by 3insult 1to be in power]. 11A merciful man is lenient, and his boasting comes upon lawbreakers. 12[2of a king 1The intimidation] is likened to [2gnashing 1a lion's]; but as dew upon the grass so is his making one happy. 13[3is shame 4to a father 2son 1A foolish]; and [5are not 6pure 1vows paid out 2from 3the hire 4of a mistress]. 14A house and substance is portioned by fathers to children; but by the  lord [2is accorded 1a wife] to a man. 15Dread holds down an effeminate man; and the soul of the idle hungers. 16The one who keeps the commandment gives heed to his own soul; but the one disdaining his own ways shall perish. 17[4lends 5to God 1The one 2showing mercy 3on the poor]; and according to his gift he shall make recompense to him. 18Correct your son! for thus he will be confident; [6to 1but 7insult 2do not 3lift up 4the 5soul]! 19An evil-minded man [2much 1shall be penalized]; and if there should be injury, [2even 3his life 1he shall add]. 20Hear, O son, the instruction of your father! that [2wise 1you should become] unto your last days. 21Many devices are in the heart of a man; but the counsel of the  lord [2into 3the 4eon 1abides]. 22[2is a fruit 3to a man 1Charity]; but better a poor just man, than a rich liar. 23Fear of the  lord is life to a man; but the one without fear shall lodge in places where [2is not 3overseen 1knowledge]. 24The man hiding [4in 5his enfolded arm 1his 3hands 2unjust], not even [4to his mouth 1will he in any way 2bring 3them]. 25[3of his mischievousness 2being whipped 1A fool 5more clever 4will be]; but if you should reprove [2man 1an intelligent] he shall comprehend for good sense. 26The one dishonoring his father, and thrusting away his mother, [2disgraced 3and 4reviled 1he will be]. 27A son ceasing to guard the instruction of a father shall meditate upon [2sayings 1evil]. 28The one guaranteeing a loan [2child 1of a foolish] insults the ordinance; and the mouth of the impious shall swallow down judgments. 29[2are prepared 3for the unrestrained 1The whips]; and punishments in like manner for fools.
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