Proverbs 2


Seeking Wisdom

O son, if receiving the saying of my commandment, you shall hide it unto yourself; [2shall obey 3wisdom 1your ear], and you shall set aside your heart unto understanding; and you shall set it for admonition to your son. For if [2wisdom 1you should call upon], and [3for understanding 1should give 2your voice]; and [3perception 1you should seek 2great] with your voice; and if you should seek her as silver, and [2as for 3treasures 1should search her out]; then you shall perceive the fear of the  lord, and [2full knowledge 3of God 1you will find]. For the  lord gives wisdom; and from his presence knowledge and understanding. And he treasures up [2to the ones 3keeping straight 1deliverance]; and he will shield their goings; to guard the way of right actions; and the way of the ones venerating him he will protect.

Benefits of Wisdom

Then you shall perceive righteousness and judgment, and you shall set up all courses of action for good things. 10 For if [2shall come 1wisdom] into your consideration, and perception [4for your 5soul 3good 2to be 1shall seem]; 11 [2counsel 1good] shall guard you, [3reflection 1and 2sacred] will keep you, 12 that it should rescue you from [2way 1the evil], and from the man speaking nothing trustworthy.

Abandoning Wisdom

13 O the ones abandoning [2ways 1the straight] to go in the ways of darkness. 14 O the ones being glad over evils, and rejoicing over [2perverseness 1evil]; 15 which paths are crooked, and [3curved 2tracks 1their]; 16  [3to be far 2you 1to cause] from [2way 1the straight], and alien of a righteous design. O son, you should not let [3overtake you 1bad 2counsel], 17 which left the instruction of youth, and [3covenant 2the divine 1forgot]. 18 For she put [2near 3death 1her house], and [2lead by 3Hades 4with 5the 6earthborn 1her courses of action]. 19 All the ones coming near with her shall not return; nor shall they overtake [2paths 1straight]; for they are not overtaken by years of life. 20 For if they went by [2paths 1good], they would have found even the paths of righteousness smooth. [3will be gracious 1The inhabitants 2of the earth], and the guileless will be left behind in her. 21 For the upright shall encamp in the land, and the sacred ones will be left behind in it. 22 And the ways of the impious [2from 3the earth 1shall be destroyed], and the lawbreakers shall be banished from it.
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