Proverbs 21


The Pious and Impious

1As a rush of water, so is the heart of a king in the hand of God; where ever wishing he should nod, there he leans it. 2Every man appears [2to himself 1just]; [3straightens out 1but 4the heart 2the  lord]. 3To do just things and to be truthful are more pleasing to God rather, than a sacrifice of blood. 4A high-minded man [2in 3his insolence 1is bold-hearted]; and the torch of the impious is sin. 5The thoughts of the vigorous are in plenty; and every one hastening is unto less. 6The one producing treasures [2tongue 1by a lying] [2vanity 1pursues], and comes unto the snare of death. 7The ruin of the impious is welcomed as a guest; for they do not prefer to do the just things. 8To the crooked ones, [3crooked 4ways 2sends 1God]; [3are pure 1for 4and 5straight 2his works]. 9Better to live upon a corner of the housetop in the open air, than houses being whitewashed with injustice, and in [2house 1a profane]. 10The soul of the impious desires evils; it shall not be shown mercy by anyone of men. 11With the penalizing of an unrestrained man, [4more clever 3becomes 1the 2guileless man]; but by perceiving, a wise man will receive knowledge. 12[2perceives 1A just man] the hearts of the impious; and he treats [2as worthless 1the impious] in their evils. 13The one who shuts up his ears to not heed the weak, even himself shall call out, and there will not be one listening. 14[2present 1A private] prostrates angers; [4gifts 1but 2the one 3sparing 7rage 5shall raise up 6strong]. 15It is with gladness for the just to have equity; but a sacred man is unclean by evildoers. 16A man wandering from the way of righteousness [2in 3the gathering 4of giants 1shall rest]. 17A man lacking, loves gladness, being fond of wine and oil in wealth; 18and the rubbish of the just is a lawless man, and for upright ones a lawbreaker. 19Better to live in the wilderness than with a wife being combative and talkative and prone to anger. 20[2treasure 1A desirable] shall rest upon the mouth of the wise; but foolish men will swallow it. 21The way of righteousness and charity shall find life and glory. 22[4cities 3fortified 2mounts against 1A wise man], and demolishes the fortress upon which [3relied upon 1the 2impious]. 23The one who guards his mouth and the tongue carefully keeps [2from 3affliction 1his soul]. 24A bold and self-willed and ostentatious man [2pestilent 1is called]; and the man who resents is a lawbreaker. 25Desires [2the lazy 1kill], [4to not 1for 3resolve 2his hands] do anything. 26An impious man lusts [3the whole 4day 2lusts 1evil]; but the just one desires mercy, and he pities unsparingly. 27Sacrifices of the impious are an abomination to the  lord; for even [3unlawfully 1they bring 2them]. 28[2witness 1A lying] shall perish; a man who is subject [2guardedly 1will speak]. 29An impious man impudently stands in front; but the upright man himself perceives his ways. 30There is no wisdom, there is no courage, there is no counsel to the impious. 31A horse is prepared for a day of battle; [3is by 1but 4the  lord 2help].
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