Proverbs 24


Wisdom Is Good Understanding

O son, you should not be jealous of evil men, nor should you desire to be with them. [4lying 1For 3meditates on 2their heart], and [3of miseries 1their lips 2speak]. [3with 4wisdom 2is built 1A house], and [2with 3skillfulness 1is erected]. With good sense [3are filled up 1the 2storerooms] of all [4wealth 1valuable 2and 3good]. [2is better 1A wise man] than a strong man; a man of intelligence than one having [2farm 1a great]. [3with 4guidance 2takes place 1War], but help comes with the heart of a counselor. Wisdom and [2insight 1good] are in the gates of the wise. The wise do not turn aside from the law of the  lord, but consider things in the sanhedrins; but the uninstructed ones meet with death, [3dies 1but 2the fool] in sins. Uncleanness [2man 1to a pestilent] -- 10 he shall be contaminated in [2day 1the evil], and in the day of affliction, until whenever he should cease. 11 Rescue the ones being led unto death, and buy off the ones for slaying! You should not spare. 12 But if you should say, I do not know this; know that the  lord [2the heart 3of all 1knows]; even the one shaping the breath in all, he knows all things. He is the one who renders to each according to his works. 13 Eat honey, O son, [3is good 1for 2the honeycomb]! that [3should be sweetened 1your 2throat]. 14 For thus you shall perceive wisdom in your soul; for if you should find it, [2will be 3good 1your decease], and hope [3you 1shall not 2forsake]. 15 You should not lead the impious to the pasture of the just; nor should you be deceived in filling the belly. 16 For seven times [3shall fall 1the 2just], and rise up; but the impious will weaken in evils. 17 If [2should fall 1your enemy], you should not rejoice over him; and in his fall be not lifted up! 18 For the  lord shall see it, and it will not please him; and he will return his rage upon him. 19 Do not rejoice over ones doing evil, nor be jealous of sinners! 20 For in no way shall there be a progeny of wicked ones; and the torch of the impious shall be extinguished. 21 Fear God, O son, and the king! and to neither one of them should you resist persuasion. 22 For suddenly they will pay the impious; and the punishment of both, who shall know? 23 But these things I say to you, to the wise, to realize that to stand in awe of a person in a judgment is not good. 24 The one having said, The impious is just, [2accursed 3among the peoples 1will be], and detested among the nations. 25 But the ones reproving [2the best 1shall appear], [5upon 6them 1and 4shall come 3blessing 2a good]; 26 but lips shall kiss the ones answering [2words 1with good]. 27 Prepare [2for 3the 4departure 1your works], and make preparations for the field, and go after me! and you shall rebuild your house. 28 Do not be a lying witness against your fellow-countryman, nor open wide with your lips! 29 You should not say, In which manner he treated me, I shall treat him; and I shall pay him who wronged me. 30 [3is as 4a farm 2man 1A foolish], and [4is as 5a vineyard 1a man 2lacking 3of sense]; 31 if you should let it go barren, then it shall become [2overgrown 1entirely]; and [2takes place 1failing]; and [2fences 3of stones 1his] shall be razed. 32 Afterwards I changed my mind; I looked to choose instruction. 33 [2a little 1I slumber]; [3a little 1and 2I sleep soundly], [5a little 1and 2I fold 3my hands 4to my breasts]. 34 But if you should do this, [2shall come 3before 1poverty] you, and lack as a good runner.
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