Proverbs 25


Esteem Honorable Words

These are the [2parables 3of Solomon 1impartial], which [7wrote out 1the 2friends 3of Hezekiah 4the 5king 6of Judea]. The glory of God hides a matter; but the glory of a king esteems things. Heaven is high, and the earth is deep; but the heart of a king is unascertained. Beat unproven silver! and it shall be cleansed clean all together. Slay the impious from the presence of the king! and you shall set up [2in 3righteousness 1his throne]. Do not act ostentatiously in the presence of the king, nor [2in 3places 4of mighty ones 1stand]! For better the saying to you, Ascend to me! than to humble you in the presence of a mighty one. What you beheld with your eyes, speak! Do not fall into a fight quickly! lest you should change your mind at the last. When ever [2should berate you 1a friend], withdraw to the rear, do not disdain him! 10 lest [4should berate you 1indeed 2the 3friend]; and your fight and hatred do not go away, but will be to you equal of death! Favor and friendship frees, which you give heed to yourself! that [2not 4reviled 1you should 3be]. But keep your ways conciliatory! 11 [2apple 1As a golden] in a pendant of sardius, so is it to speak a wise word. 12 In an ear-ring of gold [2sardius 1a very costly] is bound; so a [2word 1wise] to a heedful ear. 13 As a delivery of snow in the harvest for sweltering heat, [4benefits 1so 3messenger 2a trustworthy] the ones sending him; for the souls of the ones dealing with him derive benefit. 14 As winds, and clouds, and rains are apparent, so the men boasting over [2portions 1false]. 15 [3by 4long-suffering 1Success 2comes to kings]; [3tongue 1and 2a soft] breaks the bones. 16 [2honey 1In finding], eat what is enough! lest at any time being overfilled, you should vomit forth. 17 Sparingly bring your foot to your own friend! lest at any time he be filled of you, and should detest you. 18 As a club, and a sword, and [2bow 1a pointed], so also the man bearing [4friend 3against his 2witness 1false]. 19 [2way 1An evil] and the foot of a lawbreaker shall be destroyed in [2day 1an evil]. 20 As vinegar draws hurtful; so [2falling 1passion] on a body [2the heart 1distresses]. As a moth in a garment, and a worm in wood, so distress of a man hurts the heart. 21 If [3hungers 2enemy 1your] nourish him, if he thirsts give him to drink! 22 [3this 1For 2doing 5coals 6of fire 4you shall heap] upon his head; and the  lord will recompense to you good things. 23 [2wind 1The north] arouses clouds, and the face of an impudent tongue aggravates. 24 Better to live upon the corner of a roof, than with [2wife 1a reviling] in [2house 1a common]. 25 As [2water 1cold 5soul 4to a thirsting 3is kind], so [2message 1a good] from a land far off. 26 As if any one [2a spring 1may shut up], and [3of water 2an exiting 1lay waste]; so it is unbecoming for a just man to fall before the impious. 27 To eat [2honey 1much] is not good; [3to esteem 1but 2it behooves 5words 4honorable]. 28 As a city with walls having been thrown down and unwalled, so a man who [2with no 3counsel 4in anything 1acts].
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