Proverbs 26


Wisdom Will Guide You from Folly

As dew in harvest, and as rain in summer, so [3not 2is 4seemly for a fool 1honor]. As birds [3spread out to fly 1and 2sparrows], so [2oath 1a vain] shall not come unto one thing. As a whip to a horse, and a spur to a donkey, so a rod [2nation 1to a lawbreaking]. Do not give an answer to a fool according to that one's folly, lest [2likened 1you should become] to him! But answer a fool to the folly of that one! lest he should appear wise of himself. [9by 10his own ways 8scorn 7shall cause 1The 2one sending 4through 6messenger 5a foolish 3a word]. Remove the goings of legs, and proverbs from out of the mouth of fools. The one who binds up a stone in a sling, is likened to the one giving a fool glory. Thorn-bushes germinate in the hand of the intoxicated; and servitude in the hand of fools. 10 [5much 4is tossed 6by a storm 1All 2the flesh 3of fools]; [3is destroyed 1for 2their ecstasy]. 11 As a dog whenever it comes upon its own vomit, and [2detested 1becomes]; so a fool [2to 3his own 3evil 1returning], unto his own sin. 12 I beheld a man seeming [3of 4himself 2wise 1to be], [4more hope 1however 3had 5rather than 2a fool] he. 13 [2says 1The lazy one] when being sent into the way, A lion is in the ways, and in the squares are murderers. 14 As a door turns upon the hinge, so the lazy one upon his bed. 15 [2hiding 1The lazy one] the hand in his bosom shall not be able to bring it unto the mouth. 16 [3wiser 4to himself 1The lazy one 2appears] in fulfilling transmitting a message. 17 As the one holding the tail of a dog; so the one setting himself over a stranger's case. 18 As the ones needing healing propounds words unto men, and the [2one meeting 3the 4word 1first] shall be tripped up. 19 Thus are all the ones lying in wait for their own friends; and whenever they should be caught in the act, they say that, In playing I acted. 20 With much wood [2flourishes 1fire]; but where there is no man at variance with others [2is stilled 1a fight]. 21 A grate for coals, and wood for a fire; [3man 1and 2a reviling] for a disturbance to a fight. 22 Words of mischievous men are soft; but these beat into the inner chambers of the intestines. 23 Silver given with treachery, is as a potsherd esteemed. [2lips 1Smooth 5heart 3cover 4a distressed]. 24 [5with his lips 4all things 3assents to 2weeping 1An enemy]; but in the heart he contrives treachery. 25 If [3should beseech you 1the 2enemy] with a great voice, do not yield to him; [3seven 1for 2there are] wickednesses in his heart. 26 The one hiding hatred stands together with treachery, and he conceals the things of his own [2sins 1well-known] in the sanhedrin. 27 The one digging a pit for his neighbor shall fall into it; and the one rolling a stone, [2upon 3himself 1rolls it]. 28 [2tongue 1A lying] detests truth; [3mouth 1and 2an open-mouthed] makes commotion.
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