Proverbs 27


Become Wise

1Do not boast concerning the things for tomorrow! for you do not know what [3shall give birth 1the 2coming day]. 2Let [3laud 4you 1the 2one near]! and not your mouth; a stranger, and not your lips. 3[2is heavy 1A stone], and [2hard to bear 1sand]; but the anger of a fool is heavier than both. 4[2is unmerciful 1Rage], and [2is sharp 1anger], but no one stands before jealousy. 5[3is better than 2reproofs 1Revealing] hiding friendship. 6More worthy of trust are wounds of a friend, than voluntary kisses of an enemy. 7A soul [2in 3fullness 1being 5honeycombs 4mocks]; but to a soul lacking, even the bitter things [2sweet 1appear]. 8As a bird whenever it flies down from out of its own nest; so a man is enslaved whenever he estranges himself from out of his own places. 9Perfumes, and wines, and incenses make [2happy 1the heart]; [3breaks down 1but 4by 5adverse incidents 2the soul]. 10[2friend 1Your] or [2friend 1paternal] you should not abandon; but to the house of your brother you should not enter in adversity; better a friend near, than a brother [2far 1living]. 11[2wise 1Become], O son! that [3should gladden 4me 1the 2heart]. And turn [3from 4you 1reviling 2words]! 12A clever man, of evils coming along, conceals himself; but fools coming along, [2a penalty 1shall pay]. 13Remove his garment! [3passed by 1for 2an insulting man], the one who [2a stranger's goods 1lays waste]. 14Who ever shall bless a friend in the morning with a great voice, [4from one cursing 1shall not 3to differ 2seem]. 15Drops of rain [4shall cast 5a man 1on 2a day 3of winter] from out of his house; likewise also [2wife 1a reviling] drives a man from out of his own house. 16The north [2is hard 1wind], [3by name 1but 4fittingly 2is called]. 17Iron [2iron 1sharpens]; and a man sharpens the face of his companion. 18The one who plants a fig-tree shall eat the fruits of it; and the one who guards his own master shall be esteemed. 19As [2are not 3likened 1faces] to other faces, so not even are the hearts [2to other men's 1likened]. 20Hades and destruction are not filled up; likewise also the eyes of the [2man 1insatiable]. [3is an abomination 4to the  lord 1One fixing 2the eye], and the uninstructed ones are immoderate in tongue. 21Proving silver and gold is through burning by fire; but a man is tried by the mouth of ones lauding him. 22If you whip a fool in the midst of a sanhedrin, dishonoring him, in no way shall [2be removed 1his folly]. 23Knowingly, you shall recognize things concerning the lives of your flock, and you shall set [2over 1your heart] your herds. 24For [5are not 6into 7the 8eon 4to a man 1might 2and 3strength]; nor does he deliver it up from generation to generation. 25Care for the [2in 3the 4field 1green things]! and you shall shear the herbage; and gather together grass of the mountainous area! 26that you should have sheep's wool for clothes. Esteem the field! that there might be lambs for you. 27O son, [4from 5me 1you have 3sayings 2strong] for your life, and for the life of your attendants.
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