Proverbs 28


The Folly of the Impious

1[2flees 1An impious man] with no one pursuing; but the just man [2as 3a lion 1is secure]. 2Because of the sins of the impious, litigations arise; [3man 1but 2a clever] extinguishes them. 3A vigorous man with impious deeds extorts the poor as [4rain 1a fierce 2and 3unprofitable]. 4Thus the ones abandoning the law laud impiety; but the ones loving the law put [2around 3themselves 1a wall]. 5[2men 1Evil] do not comprehend equity; but the ones seeking the  lord perceive in all. 6Better a poor man going in truth, than a rich liar. 7[3keeps 4the law 2son 1A discerning]; but the one who tends carnality dishonors his father. 8The one multiplying his wealth with interest and usury, [3for one showing mercy 4on the poor 1gathers 2it]. 9The one turning aside his ear to not hear the law, even he [2his own prayer 1abhors]. 10The one who wanders upright men in [2way 1an evil], [4into 5corruption 2himself 1shall 3fall]; and the lawless ones shall go through good things, and they shall not enter to them. 11[3is wise 4to 5himself 2man 1A rich]; [3needy man 1but 2an intelligent] shall condemn him. 12Through the help of the just ones much [2comes to pass 1glory]; but in the places of the impious [2are being captured 1men]. 13The one covering over his impiety, [2not 1his way shall] be prospered; but the one describing and reproving shall be loved. 14Blessed is a man who is struck with awe of all things through veneration; but the hard of heart shall fall into evils. 15A lion hungering, and a wolf thirsting is the one who is sovereign [4poor 3being 2nation 1of a destitute]. 16A king lacking revenue is a great extortioner; but the one detesting injustice [2a long 3time 1shall live]. 17[3of a man 4under 5accusation 6of murder 1The one 2guaranteeing a loan 8an exile 7will be], and not in safety. 18The one going justly is helped; but the one [2crooked 3ways 1going by] shall be entangled. 19The one working his own land shall be filled with bread loaves; but the one pursuing ease shall be filled with poverty. 20A man worthy of trust in many things shall be blessed; but the evil one shall not be unpunished. 21The one who does not feel respect for persons of the just, is not good; such a one [3for a morsel 4of bread 1will deliver over 2a man]. 22[3hastens 4to be rich 2man 1A bewitching], and does not know that a merciful man will prevail over him. 23The one reproving a man's ways [2favors 1shall have], rather than the flatterer with the tongue. 24The one who throws off his father or mother, and assumes he does not sin; this one is partner [2man 1of an impious]. 25An insatiable man judges in vain; but the one yielding upon the  lord [2in 3care 1will be]. 26The one who yields to a rash heart, such a one is a fool; but the one who goes in wisdom shall be delivered. 27The one who gives to the poor shall not be in want; but the one who turns his eye [2in 3much 4perplexity 1will be]. 28In the places of the impious [2moan 1the just]; but in the destruction of those [2shall be multiplied 1the just].
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