Proverbs 29


Yielding upon The LORD

Better a man of reproofs, than a man hard-necked; for suddenly [3blazing up 4for him 1there is no 2healing]. In the lauding of the just [2will be glad 1peoples]; [4the rule 1but 5of the impious 3moan over 2men]. A man fond of wisdom gladdens his father; but the one tending harlots destroys wealth. [2king 1A just] establishes regions; [3man 1but 2a lawbreaking] razes them. The one who makes preparations [2against 3the person 4of his own 5friend 1with a net] puts it around his own feet. [4sinning 3against a man 1A great 2snare is set]; but the just [2in 3joy 4and 5in 6gladness 1will be]. [2has knowledge 1A just man] to judge for the destitute; but the impious do not comprehend knowledge; and to the poor there does not exist the mind of an arbitrator. [2men 1Mischievous] burn away a city; but wise men turn away anger. [2man 1A wise] judges nations; [3man 1but 2a heedless], in provoking to anger, ridicules and is not struck with awe. 10 Men [2in blood 1being partners] shall detest the sacred; but the upright will seek after his soul. 11 [5entire 6rage 4his 3brings forth 1The 2fool]; but the wise stores his up in part. 12 A king hearkening [2matter 1in an unjust] makes all the ones under him lawbreakers. 13 A money-lender and debtor, when one another come together [4to oversee 3commits 5both 1the 2  lord]. 14 A king [3in 4truth 1judging 2the poor], his throne [2for 3a good testimony 1shall be established]. 15 Strokes and reproofs give wisdom; but a child wandering shames his parents. 16 [2of many 1With the being] impious, many [2take place 1sins]; but with the just, at the falling of those, fear takes place. 17 Correct your son, and he will cause you rest, and he will give a decoration to your soul. 18 In no way should there exist an expositor [2nation 1to a lawbreaking]; but the one keeping the law is most blessed. 19 [5by words 3will not be 4corrected 2domestic servant 1A recalcitrant]; for even if he comprehends he will not obey. 20 If you should behold a man hasty in words, know that [4hope 3has 5rather than 1the 2fool] he! 21 The one who lives wastefully from child hood will be a domestic servant; and at the end will grieve over himself. 22 A man inclined to rage digs up altercation; and a man prone to anger gouges up sin. 23 Insolence [2a man 1abases]; but the [3the humble-minded 2establishes 4in glory 1  lord]. 24 The one who shares with a thief detests his own soul. And if an oath having been set before ones hearing, but they should not announce it, 25 they, fearing and shaming men, shall be tripped up; but the one yielding upon the  lord shall be glad. Impiety in man makes a man trip; but the one yielding unto the master shall be preserved. 26 Many attend to the persons of leaders; but by the  lord [2happens 1justice] to a man. 27 [3is an abomination 1A just 2man 5man 4to an unjust]; and an abomination to the lawless one is a straight way.
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