Proverbs 3


Yield to God with Your Whole Heart

1O son, [2my 3laws 1forget not], and [2my sayings 1give heed to] in your heart! 2For the length of existence, and years of life and peace shall be added to you. 3Charity and trust -- do not let them fail to you! but affix them upon your neck! write them upon the tablet of your heart! 4and you shall find favor. And think beforehand on the good things before the  lord and men! 5Be yielding with your whole heart upon God, and upon your own wisdom be not encouraged! 6In all your ways make her known! that she should cut straight your ways. 7Be not skilled of yourself, but fear God, and turn aside from all evil! 8Then shall there be healing to your body, and care to your bones. 9Esteem the  lord by your just toils, and dedicate to him from your fruits of righteousness! 10that [2should be filled 1your storerooms] with fullness of grain, and wine [2of your wine vats 1should gush out]. 11O son, do not have little regard for the instruction of the  lord, nor loosen up under his reproving! 12For whom the  lord loves he corrects; and he whips every son whom he welcomes.

Results of Wisdom

13Blessed is the man who found wisdom, and the mortal who beholds intelligence. 14For it is better to trade for her, than for gold and silver treasures. 15[3more valuable than 1And 2she is 5stones 4very costly]; and every valuable thing [2not 3equal 5worth 4her 1is]. 16For length of existence and years of life are in her right hand; and in her left riches and glory. Out of her mouth goes forth in righteousness; and law and mercy [2upon 3her tongue 1she wears]. 17 Her ways [2ways 1are good], and all her paths are in peace. 18[2a tree 3of life 1She is] to all the ones holding her; and to the ones leaning upon her [2as 3upon 4the  lord 1are safe]. 19 God in wisdom founded the earth; and he prepared the heavens in intelligence. 20In his perception abysses were torn, and clouds flowed dew. 21O son, you should not let it flow by; but heed my counsel and insight! 22that [2should live 1your soul], and favor should be around your neck; and it will be healing to your flesh, and care to your bones; 23that you should go yielded in peace in all your ways, and the foot of yours in no way should stumble. 24For if you should sit down, you will be without fear; and if you should repose, [2with pleasure 1you shall sleep]. 25And you shall not be afraid of terror coming upon, nor the thrusting of the impious coming upon. 26For the  lord will be over all your ways, and he shall establish your foot that you should not be shaken. 27You should not be at a distance [2good 1to do] to the one lacking, when you should have your hand to help. 28You should not say, Returning back, come back again! and tomorrow I will give; [2able 5is with you 1while being 4good 3to do]; for you shall not see what shall give birth against you. 29You should not contrive [2against 3your 4friend 1bad things], the one sojourning and relying upon you. 30You should not be fond of quarreling against a man in vain, so that [2not 5against 6you 1he should 3work 4evil]. 31You should not acquire evils of men's scorn, nor should you be jealous of their ways. 32[4is unclean 1For 5before 6the  lord 2every 3lawbreaker], [4with 1and 5the righteous 2they do not 3sit together]. 33The curse of the  lord is in the houses of the impious, but the properties of the just are blessed. 34The  lord [2the proud 1resists], [4to the humble 1but 2gives 3favor]. 35[3glory 1The wise 2shall inherit]; but the impious exalted dishonor.
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