Proverbs 30


God Teaches Wisdom

1Thus speaks the man to the ones trusting in God. And now I will cease. 2[4most foolish 1For 2I am 3all together] of men, and the intelligence of man is not in me. 3 God has taught me wisdom, and [2the knowledge 3of the holies 1I know]. 4Who ascended into the heaven, and came down? Who brought together the winds in his bosom? Who bundled up waters in his cloak? Who holds all the extremities of the earth? What name is given to him? or what name to his children that you should know? 5For all the words of God are purified. [3shields 1And 2he himself] the ones venerating him. 6You should not add to his words, lest he reprove you, and [2a liar 1you should become]. 7Two things I ask from you; you should not remove [2from me 1favor] before my dying; 8[2the vain 5word 3and 4false 6far 7from me 1appoint]; and riches and poverty you should not give to me; but order up for me the things necessary and the things to be self-sufficient; 9that [2not 5in being filled up 4false 1I should 3become], and should say, Who sees me? Or to be in need that I shall steal, and I shall swear an oath by the name of God. 10You should not deliver a bondservant into the hands of a master, lest at any time he should curse you, and you should be obliterated. 11[2progeny 1A bad 4a father 3curses], [4the 1and 5mother 2he does not 3bless]. 12[2progeny 1A bad 5as just 4himself 3judges], and [3his going out 2not 1washes]. 13[2progeny 1A bad 4lofty 5eyes 3has], and with his eyelids he lifts himself up. 14[2progeny 1A bad 4swords 5for teeth 3has], and the molars as pruning knives, so as to consume the weak from the earth, and the needy of them from among men.

The Four Marvels

15[4to the 5leech 2three 3daughters 1There were 7in affection 6being loved], these three did not fulfill her, and to the fourth it was not sufficient to say, Enough -- 16Hades, and passion of a woman, and earth not filled with water; and water and fire in no way shall say, It sufficies. 17The eye ridiculing a father, and dishonoring the old age of a mother -- [5cut it out 1let the crows 2from 3the 4ravines], and may [3devour 4it 1the young 2of the eagles]. 18[3three things 1And 2there are] impossible for me to comprehend, and the fourth I do not know -- 19the traces [2eagle 1of a flying], and the ways of a serpent upon a rock, and the paths of a ship passing through the sea, and the ways of a man in youth. 20Such is the way [2woman 1of an adulterous], whenever she should act in washing herself, [2not 1she says] to have acted out of place. 21By three things [3is shaken 1the 2earth], and the fourth it is not able to bear -- 22if a domestic servant should reign, and a fool should be filled with food, 23and a female domestic servant, if she is cast out by her own lady, and a hateful wife if she should attain [2man 1a good]. 24[3four 1And 2there are] lesser things upon the earth, and these are wiser than the wise -- 25the ants in whom there is no strength, and they prepare [2in summer 1nourishment]. 26And the rabbits -- a nation not being strong, the ones making [3in 4the rocks 1their own 2houses]. 27[4independent 3is 1The 2locust], but she marches [2from 3one 4word of command 1orderly]. 28And the newt, with its hands sticking, and [2easily caught 1being], it dwells in the fortresses of kings. 29[3three 1And 2there are] which [2prosperously 1go], and the fourth which [2well 1passes over] -- 30[2cub 1a lion] is stronger than the beasts, which does not turn away, nor is struck with awe of any beast, 31and a rooster walking about among females confidently, and a he-goat taking the lead of a flock of goats, and a king delivering a public address to a nation. 32If you should let go of yourself in gladness, and should stretch out your hand for a fight you shall be dishonored. 33Extract milk, and there will be butter; but if you should pressure the nostrils there shall come forth blood; and if you should drag out words, there shall come forth litigations and fights.
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