Proverbs 5


Wisdom to a Son

1O son, [2to my 3wisdom 1take heed], [5to my 1and 6words 2set aside 3your 4ear]! 2that you should guard [2insight 1good]. And perception of my lips I give charge to you. Give no heed to a vile woman! 3For honey drops from the lips [2woman 1of a harlot], which for a time fattens your throat. 4Afterwards however [2more bitter 3than bile 1you shall find it], and being more sharpened rather than [2sword 1a double-edged]. 5 For [3of folly 1the 2feet] lead [4down 1the ones 2dealing with 3her 7with 8death 5unto 6Hades]; and her tracks are not established; 6[4the ways 1for 5of life 2she does not 3come by]; [3are slippery 1but 2her tracks], and not well-known. 7Now then, O son, hear me! and you should not [2void works 1do] of my words. 8[4far 1Make 5from 6her 2your 3way]! You should not approach to doors of her houses; 9that you should not let [2go 3to others 1your means of life], and your livelihood to the unmerciful; 10that [2should not 3be filled with 1strangers] your strength, and your toils [2into 3houses 4of strangers 1should enter]; 11and you shall be repenting at last when ever [2wears away 1the flesh] from your body. 12And you shall say, O how I detested instruction, and [3reproofs 2turned aside 1my heart]! 13I did not hear the voice of one correcting me and teaching me; nor did I set aside my ear. 14By little I came unto every evil in the midst of the assembly and congregation. 15O son, drink waters from your own receptacles, and [2from 3your own 4wells 1the flow]! 16Let [3overflow 4to you 1the 2waters] from out of your own spring; and into your own squares let [3go along 1your 2waters]! 17Let it be [2to you 3alone 1existing], and let not a stranger partake with you! 18The spring of your water -- let it be to you in particular! and be glad with the wife of your youth! 19Let your hind of friendship, and [2filly 1your] of favors, consort with you! and in particular let her be esteemed by you, and be with you at all time! For in this friendship [2accommodated 3a great deal 1you will be]. 20[2not 3much 1Be] with the strange woman, nor hold [4in embraces 1the one 2not 3your own]! 21[5before 1For 4are 6the 8of God 7eyes 2the ways 3of a man], [3unto 1and 4all 5his tracks 2he watches]. 22Unlawful deeds [2a man 1ensnare]; [4chains 1and 5of ones own 6sins 2each 3is grasped by]. 23This man comes to an end with the uninstructed; and from the abundance of his own sustenance was cast forth, and perished through folly.
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