Proverbs 6


Surety for Fools

1O son, if you should guarantee a loan for your friend, you shall deliver up your hand to the enemy. 2[6snare 1For 5are a strong 2a man's 3own 4lips], and he is captured by the words of his own mouth. 3Do, O son, what I give charge to you, and preserve yourself! [5you come 1For 6into 7the hands 8of evils 2on account of 3your 4friend]. Be not enfeebled! but you provoke even your friend whom you guaranteed a loan.


4You should not give sleep to your eyes nor slumber to your eyelids, 5so that you should escape as a doe from nooses, and as a fowl from out of a snare. 6Be as the ant, O lazy one, and be jealous beholding his ways; and become as that one -- wiser! 7For to that one there is no farm possession, nor [2one compelling him 1is he having], nor [2under 3a master 1is he being]. 8He prepares [3of summer 1the 2nourishment], [3much 1and also 4in 5the 6harvest 2he prepares] for the fete. 9For how long, O lazy one, do you recline? And when [2from out of 3sleep 1will you arise]? 10A little then to sleep, and a little you sit down, and a little you slumber, and a little you fold your arms with hands to the breasts. 11So then [2comes upon 3you 4as 5an evil 6traveler 1poverty]; and lack as a good runner.

Attributes of a Fool

12A man, a fool and a lawbreaker, shall go by ways not good. 13And the same beckons with the eyes, and makes signs with the foot, and teaches with the beckoning of his fingers. 14[3being perverted 1And 2a heart] contrives evils; at all time such a one [2disturbances 1concocts] to a city. 15On account of this [3suddenly 2comes 1his destruction]; severance and [2destruction 1irretrievable]. 16For he rejoices in all things which [3detests 1the 2  lord]; and he is destroyed because of uncleanness of soul -- 17[2eye 1an insulting], [2tongue 1an unjust], hands pouring out [2blood 1righteous], 18and a heart contriving [2devices 1evil], and feet hurrying to do evil. 19[3kindles 4lying 2witness 1An unjust], and brings in addition judicial cases between brethren.

Guard Parental Advice

20O son, guard the laws of your father! and you should not thrust away the rules of your mother. 21But affix them upon your soul always, and bind them with a cord around your neck! 22When ever you should walk, bring it, and [2with 3you 1let it be]! And when ever you should sleep, let it guard you! that in arising it should converse together with you. 23For [3is a lamp 1the commandment 2of the law], and a light, and a way of life, and reproof, and instruction;

Guard from Adultery

24 to guard you from [2woman 1a married], and from the distraction [2tongue 1of a strange]. 25O son, let not [3overcome you 2of beauty 1the desire], nor [3be caught 1your 2eyes] nor seized by her eyelids. 26For the value of a harlot is as much as even one bread loaf; and a woman [4of men 2the precious 3souls 1ensnares]. 27Shall anyone tie up fire in his bosom, and his garments not incinerate? 28Or shall anyone walk upon coals of fire, and his feet shall not incinerate. 29So the one entering to [2woman 1a married]; he shall not be acquitted, nor any one touching her. 30It is not a wonder if any be captured stealing; for he steals that he should fill up his soul when hungering; 31but if he should be captured he shall pay seven-fold, and [4all 5his possessions 3by giving 1shall rescue 2himself]. 32But the adulterer, through lack of sense, [2destruction 3for his soul 1procures]. 33Both griefs and dishonor he suffers, and his scorn shall not be wiped away into the eon. 34[4is full 1For 5of zeal 2the rage 3of her husband]; he will not spare in the day of judgment. 35He will not bargain for any ransom of his hatred, nor part by many gifts.
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