Proverbs 8


Wisdom Calls

1You [2wisdom 1shall proclaim], that intellect should obey you. 2[3upon 1For 4the 5high 6extremities 2she is], [3in the midst 1and 4of the 5paths 2she stands]. 3For by the gates of mighty ones she is occupied; and in the entrances sings, saying, 4You, O men, I comfort; and I let go with my voice to the sons of men. 5Comprehend, O guileless ones, astuteness! and O uninstructed, insert it in heart! 6Listen to me! [3serious things 1for 2I shall speak], and I will offer [2from 3my lips 1straight things]! 7For [3truth 2shall meditate 1my throat]; [4are abhorrent 1and 5before 6me 3lips 2lying]. 8[5are with 6righteousness 1All 2the 3sayings 4of my mouth]; nothing in them is crooked nor insidious. 9All is face to face to the ones perceiving; and straight to the ones finding knowledge. 10Receive instruction, and not silver! and knowledge above [2gold 1tried]. 11[3is better 1For 2wisdom 5stones 4than very costly]; and every esteemed thing [2not 3worth 4her 1is].

Advantage of Wisdom

12I wisdom encamped with counsel and knowledge; and [3reflection 1I 2called upon]. 13The fear of the  lord detests injustice; insolence also, and pride, and the ways of evil ones; [3have detested 1and 2I] the perverting ways of evil men. 14[4are mine 1Counsel 2and 3safety]; [2is mine 1intelligence], [3is mine 1and 2strength]. 15By me kings reign, and the mighty ones write righteousness. 16Through me great men become magnified, and sovereigns through me take hold of the earth. 17I [2the ones 4me 3being fond of 1love]; and the ones seeking me shall find favor. 18Wealth and glory exist by me, and [2property 1much] and righteousness. 19Best to gather my fruit than gold and [2stone 1precious]; and my produce is better than [2silver 1choice]. 20[2in 3the ways 4of righteousness 1I walk], and [2in the midst 3of paths 4of reason 1I return]; 21that I shall portion [2to the ones 3loving me 1substance]; and their treasuries I shall fill up of good things. If I should announce to you the things [2each 3day 1happening], I will remember also [2the things 3of 4the eon 1to count].

Origin of Wisdom

22The  lord created me the head of his ways for his works. 23Before the eon he founded me in the beginning, before the [2the 3earth 1making]; 24and before the [2the 3abysses 1making]; before the coming forth of the springs of waters; 25before [2of the 3mountains 1the seating]; and before all the hills he engenders me. 26The  lord made regions, and uninhabited places, and uttermost parts of the inhabitable world under the heavens. 27When he prepared the heaven, I was present with him, and when he separated his throne upon the winds; 28when [5strong 1he made 2the 3upward 4clouds]; and as [5safe 1he made 2the springs 3under 4heaven]; 29in the putting [2to the 3sea 1of his restriction]; and the waters shall not go by his mouth; and as [6strong 1he made 2the 3foundations 4of the 5earth], 30I was by him. [3being in accord 1I 2was], in which he rejoiced with. [2each 3day 1And] I was glad in front of him at all time, 31even when he was pleased with the [2the inhabitable world 1completing], and was pleased among the sons of men.

Wisdom's Warning

32Now then, O son, hear me! and blessed are the ones [2my ways 1guarding]. 33Hear wisdom! and you should be wise, and you should not seal it up. Blessed is the man who shall listen to me, and the man who [2my 3ways 1shall guard]; 34being awake at my doors each day, giving heed at the doorposts of my entrances. 35 For my issues are the issues of life, and in them [2is prepared 1volition] from the  lord. 36But the ones sinning against me are impious unto their own souls; and the ones detesting me love death.
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