Psalms 119


The Law of The LORD


1Blessed are the unblemished in the way; the ones going by the law of the  lord. 2Blessed are the ones searching out his testimonies; with the entire heart they shall seek after him. 3[6not 1For 2the ones 3practicing 4lawlessness 8in 9his ways 5were 7gone]. 4You gave charge [2your commandments 1to keep] exceedingly. 5Ought that [2be straightened out 1my ways] to keep your ordinances; 6then in no way should I be ashamed in my paying attention concerning all of your commandments. 7I shall confess to you in uprightness of heart in my learning the judgments of your righteousness. 8 Your ordinances I will keep. You should not abandon me unto an exceeding amount. 9How shall [2keep straight 1a younger man] his way? by the keeping of your words. 10With [2whole 3heart 1my] I inquired of you; you should not thrust me from your commandments. 11In my heart I hid your oracles, so that I should not sin against you. 12Blessed are you, O  lord. Teach me your ordinances! 13With my lips I will declare all the judgments of your mouth. 14[2in 3the 4way 5of your testimonies 1I delighted] as above all riches. 15In your commandments I shall meditate; and I shall contemplate your ways. 16[2in 3your ordinances 1I shall meditate]; I shall not forget your words. 17Recompense to your servant! Enliven me! and I will keep your words 18Uncover my eyes! and I shall contemplate the wonders of your law. 19[3a sojourner 1I 2am] in the earth; you should not conceal from me your commandments. 20[2longed 1My soul] to desire your judgments at every occasion. 21You reproached the proud; accursed are the ones turning aside from your commandments. 22Remove from me scorn and contempt! for [2of your testimonies 1I inquired]. 23For even [2sat 1rulers] and [2against 3me 1spoke ill]; but your servant meditated in your ordinances. 24For even your testimonies [2my meditation 1are]; and [2are my advice 1your ordinances]. 25[2cleaved 3to the 4floor 1My soul]; let me live according to your word! 26 My ways I declared, and you heeded me. Teach me your ordinances! 27[3in the way 4of your ordinances 1Bring understanding to 2me]! and I will meditate in your wonders. 28[2slumbered 1My soul] from indifference. Firm me in your words! 29[2the way 3of injustice 1Remove] from me, and [3by your law 1show mercy 2to me]! 30The way of truth I took up, and your judgments I did not forget. 31I cleaved to your testimonies, O  lord; you should not put me to shame. 32[2the way 3of your commandments 1I ran], whenever you widened my heart. 33Establish for me, O  lord, the way of your ordinances! and I will seek after them always. 34Bring understanding to me! and I will search out your law, and I will guard it with [2whole 3heart 1my]. 35Guide me in the road of your commandments! for I wanted it. 36Lean my heart unto your testimonies, and not unto the desire for wealth! 37Turn my eyes to not behold folly! [3in 4your way 1Enliven 2me]! 38Establish to your servant your oracle, so as to fear you! 39Remove my scorn! which I dreaded, for your judgments are gracious. 40Behold, I desired your commandments; [3in 4your righteousness 1enliven 2me]! 41And may [2come 3upon 4me 1your mercy], O  lord; even your deliverance according to your word. 42Then I shall answer to the ones berating against me in a matter, for I hoped upon your words. 43For you should not remove from out of my mouth the word of truth unto an exceeding amount; for upon your judgments I raised hope. 44And I shall guard your law always, into the eon, and into the eon of the eon. 45For I went into an enlargement; for [2your commandments 1I sought after]. 46And I spoke by your testimonies before kings, and I was not ashamed. 47And I meditated in your commandments which I loved very much. 48And I lifted my hands to your commandments which I loved; and I meditated in your ordinances. 49Remember your words to your servant! which you raised my hope. 50This comforted me in my humiliation; for your oracle enlivened me. 51The proud acted unlawfully unto exceedingly; but from your law I did not turn aside. 52I remembered your judgments of the eon, O  lord, and I was comforted. 53Depression held me down because of the sinners -- the ones abandoning your law. 54[3as strummed chords of music 2were 4to me 1Your ordinances] in the place of my sojourn. 55I remembered [2in 3the night 1your name], O  lord, and I kept your law. 56This happened to me, for [2your ordinances 1I sought after]. 57[2my portion 1You are], O  lord. I spoke concerning guarding your law. 58I beseeched your face with [2entire 3heart 1my]. Show mercy on me according to your oracle! 59I argued your ways, and I turned my feet to your testimonies. 60I prepared myself, and was not disturbed to keep your commandments. 61The rough cords of sinners twist me, but your law I did not forget. 62At midnight I awoke to confess to you over the judgments of your righteousness. 63[3a partner 1I 2am] of all of the ones fearing you, and of the ones keeping your commandments. 64 Of your mercy, O  lord, [3is full 1the 2earth]; [3your ordinances 1teach 2me]! 65That which is good you did with your servant, O  lord, according to your word. 66That which is good, and instruction, and knowledge, teach me! for [2your commandments 1I trusted]! 67Before my being humbled, I committed trespasses; on account of this [2your oracle 1I guarded]. 68[2gracious 1You are], O  lord; and in your graciousness teach me your ordinances! 69[3was multiplied 4against 5me 1The injustice 2of the proud]; but I [3with 5whole 6heart 4my 1shall search out 2your commandments]. 70[2was curdled 3as 4milk 1Their heart]; but I [2your law 1meditated upon]. 71It is good for me that you humbled me, so that I should learn your ordinances. 72[4is good 5to me 1The 2law 3of your mouth], above a thousand pieces of gold and silver. 73 Your hands made me, and shaped me. Bring understanding to me! and I shall learn your commandments. 74The ones fearing you shall see me and shall be glad; for in your words I raised hope. 75I knew, O  lord, that [2are righteousness 1your judgments], and in truth you humbled me. 76Let [3be 2indeed 1your mercy] to comfort me according to your oracle to your servant! 77Let [2come 3to me 1your compassions]! and I shall live; for your law [2meditation 1is my]. 78Let [2be shamed 1the proud]! for unjustly they acted lawlessly against me. But I shall meditate in your commandments. 79Turn towards me the ones fearing you, and the ones knowing your testimonies! 80Let [2become 1my heart] unblemished in your ordinances! so that I should not be shamed. 81[2is wanting 3for 4your deliverance 1My soul]. In your words I raised hope. 82[2failed 1My eyes] for your oracle, saying, When will you comfort me? 83For I became as a leather bag in frost; your ordinances I forgot not. 84How many are the days of your servant? When will you execute for me [2against 3the ones 4pursuing 5me 1a judgment]? 85[2described 4against me 1Lawbreakers 3a meditation], but not according to your law, O  lord. 86All your commandments are truth. [3unjustly 1They pursued 2me]; help me! 87In a short time they would have finished me off entirely in the earth, but I did not abandon your commandments. 88According to your mercy enliven me! and I shall guard the testimonies of your mouth. 89Into the eon, O  lord, your word abides in the heaven. 90Unto generation and generation is your truth. You laid [3foundation 1the 2earth's], and it abides. 91[3by 4your disposition 2abides 1The day]; for all things [2subservient 1are your]. 92Were it not that your law [2my meditation 1is], then would I have been destroyed in my humiliation. 93[4into 5the 6eon 1In no way 2should I forget 3your ordinances]; for by them you enlivened me. 94[2yours 1I am], deliver me! for [2your ordinances 1I sought after]. 95[3for me 2remained behind 1Sinners], to destroy me; [2your testimonies 1I perceived]. 96[3of every 4completion 1I beheld 2the end]; [3spacious 1your commandment 2is exceedingly]. 97How I loved your law, O  lord; the entire day [2meditation 1it is my]. 98Above my enemies you made me wiser by your commandment; for into the eon it is to me. 99Above all the ones teaching me I perceived; for your testimonies [2my meditation 1are]. 100Above the elders I perceived; for [2your commandments 1I sought after]. 101From out of every [2way 1evil] I restrained my feet, so that I shall guard your words. 102From your judgments I did not turn aside; for you established law for me. 103How sweet to my throat are your oracles; more than honey in my mouth. 104By your commandments I perceived; on account of this I detested every way of injustice. 105[2is a lamp 3unto 4my feet 1Your law] and a light to my paths. 106I swore by an oath, and stood to guard the judgments of your righteousness. 107I was humbled unto exceedingly, O  lord; enliven me according to your word! 108[3the 4voluntary offerings 5of my mouth 1Take pleasure 2indeed in], O  lord, and [3your judgments 1teach 2me]! 109 My soul is in your hands always; and your law I forgot not. 110[2put 1Sinners] a snare for me; but from your commandments I wandered not. 111I inherited your testimonies into the eon; for [2a leap for joy 3to 4my heart 1they are]. 112I leaned my heart to observe your ordinances into the eon in remuneration. 113Lawbreakers I detested, but your law I loved. 114[2my helper 3and 4my shielder 1You are]; by your words I raised hope. 115Turn aside from me O ones acting wicked! for I shall search out the commandments of my God. 116Take hold of me according to your oracle; and enliven me! for you should not put me to shame of my expectation. 117Help me, and I shall be delivered! and I will meditate in your ordinances always. 118[6treated me with contempt 1All 2the ones 3defecting 4from 5your ordinances]; for [2is unjust 1their thought]. 119[7as ones violating the law 6I considered 1All 2the 3sinners 4of the 5earth]; on account of this I loved your testimonies. 120Nail up [2because of 3the 4fear 5of you 1my flesh]! for because of your judgments I feared. 121I executed judgment and righteousness; you should not deliver me to the ones wronging me. 122Look out for your servant for good; let not [2extort 3me 1the proud]! 123 My eyes are wanting for your deliverance, and for the oracle of your righteousness. 124Do with your servant according to your mercy, and [3your ordinances 1teach 2me]! 125[2your servant 1I am]; bring understanding to me! and I will make known your testimonies. 126It is time [3to act 1for the 2  lord]; they effaced your law. 127On account of this I loved your commandments above gold and topaz. 128On account of this [2to 3all 4of your commandments 1I kept straight]; every way of the unjust I detested. 129[2are wonderful 1Your testimonies]; on account of this [2searches them out 1my soul]. 130The manifestation of your words shall give light, and bring understanding to simple ones. 131 [2my mouth 1I opened] and drew breath; for your commandments I longed after. 132Look upon me, and show mercy on me! according to the practice of the ones loving your name. 133 [2my footsteps 1Straighten out] according to your oracle! and let there not dominate me any lawlessness! 134Ransom me from the extortion of men! and I will keep your commandments. 135 [2your face 1Let] appear unto your servant, and teach me your ordinances! 136Streams of waters flowed down my eyes when I kept not your law. 137You are just, O  lord, and [2are straight 1your judgments]. 138You gave charge for righteousness of your testimonies and truth -- exceedingly. 139[3wasted me away 1The zeal 2of you], for [2forgot 3your words 1my enemies]. 140[3setting on fire 1Your oracle 2is an exceeding]; and your servant loves it. 141[3younger 1I 2am], and being treated with contempt; [3your ordinances 1I did not 2forget]. 142 Your righteousness is righteousness into the eon, and your law is truth. 143Afflictions and distresses found me; your commandments are my meditation. 144[2are righteousness 1Your testimonies] into the eon. Bring understanding to me! and I shall live. 145I cried out with [2whole 3heart 1my]. Heed me, O  lord! [2your ordinances 1I will seek after]. 146I cried out to you; deliver me! and I will keep your testimonies. 147I anticipated at midnight, and I cried out; in your words I raised hope. 148[2anticipated 1My eyes] before dawn to meditate upon your oracles. 149 [2voice 1Hear my], O  lord, according to your mercy! [3according to 4your judgment 1Enliven 2me]! 150[5draw near 1The ones 2pursuing 3me 4lawlessly], [3from 1and 4your law 2they are far]. 151You are near, O  lord, and all your ways are truth. 152From ancient times I knew of your testimonies, that into the eon you founded them. 153Behold my humiliation, and rescue me! for [3your law 1I did not 2forget]. 154Judge my case, and ransom me! On account of your word enliven me! 155[2is far 3from 4sinners 1Deliverance], for [3your ordinances 1they did not 2seek after]. 156 Your compassions are many, O  lord; according to your judgment enliven me! 157Many are the ones driving me out and afflicting me; from your testimonies I did not turn aside. 158I beheld ones lacking sense and wasting away, for [2your oracles 1they kept not]. 159Behold! for [2your commandments 1I loved], O  lord; in your mercy enliven me! 160The beginning of your words is truth; and into the eon are all the judgments of your righteousness. 161Rulers pursued me without charge; and from your words [2was timid 1my heart]. 162I shall exult over your oracles, as one finding [2spoils 1many]. 163Injustice I detested and abhorred; but your law I loved. 164Seven times a day I praised you over the judgments of your righteousness. 165[2peace 1Great] is to the ones loving your law, and there is no obstacle to them. 166I expected your deliverance, O  lord, and [2your commandments 1loved]. 167[2guarded 1My soul] your testimonies, and it loved them very much. 168I kept your commandments and your testimonies, for all my ways are before you, O  lord. 169Let [2approach 1my supplication] before you, O  lord! according to your oracle bring understanding to me! 170May [3enter 1that which is fit 2of me] before you, O  lord; according to your oracle rescue me! 171[2discharged forth 1My lips] a hymn, whenever you should teach me your ordinances. 172May [2utter the sound 1my tongue] of your oracles, for all your commandments are righteousness. 173Let [2be 1your hand] to deliver me! for [2your commandments 1I took up]. 174I longed after your deliverance, O  lord, and your law [2my meditation 1is]. 175[2shall live 1My soul], and it shall praise you; and your judgments shall help me. 176I wandered as a sheep perishing. Seek your servant! for your commandments I did not forget.
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