Psalms 13


The LORD Listens to the Afflicted

To the director; a psalm to David.

1For how long, O  lord, will you forget me -- unto the end? For how long do you turn your face from me? 2Until what time shall I set plans in my soul, with griefs in my heart day and night? For how long shall [2be exalted 1my enemy] over me? 3Look upon, hear me, O  lord my God! Enlighten my eyes! lest at any time I should sleep in death; 4lest at any time [2might say 1my enemy], I prevailed against him. The ones afflicting me shall exult if I should be shaken. 5But I [2upon 3your mercy 1hoped]. [2shall exult 1My heart] over your deliverance. 6I shall sing to the  lord, to the one benefiting me; and I will strum to the name of the  lord the highest.
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