Psalms 141


The Troubled Soul Cries Out

A psalm to David.

1O  lord, I cried out to you. Listen to me! Take heed to the voice of my supplication in my crying to you! 2May [2be straightened 1my prayer] as incense before you; the raising of my hands as a sacrifice at evening. 3Set, O  lord, a watch for my mouth, and [2door 1a citadel] for my lips! 4You should not turn aside my heart to words of wickedness, to make excuses for sins with men working lawlessness; and in no way shall I associate myself with their choice ones. 5[2shall correct 3me 1The just] with mercy, and reprove me; but the oil of the sinner, let it not anoint my head! For still yet shall my prayer be against their good-pleasures. 6[2were swallowed down 3next to 4the rock 1Their judges]. They shall hear my sayings, for they are a delight. 7As thick ground was broken asunder upon the earth, [2were dispersed 1his bones] by Hades. 8For unto you, O  lord, O Lord, are my eyes. Upon you I hoped; you should not take away [2in return 1my soul]. 9Keep me from a snare which they concocted against me! and from obstacles of the ones working lawlessness. 10[2shall fall 3in 4their own casting-net 1Sinners]. [2alone 1I am] until whenever I should pass away.
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