Psalms 143


The Discouraged Soul Cries Out

A psalm to David; when [4him 1his 2son 3pursued].

1O  lord, listen to my prayer! Give ear to my supplication in your truth! Hearken to me in your righteousness! 2And you should not enter into judgment with your servant, for [4not 3shall 5do justice 6before 7you 1all 2the living]. 3For [3pursued 1the 2enemy] my soul; he humbled [2unto 3the 4ground 1my life]; he seated me in dark places as the dead of the eon. 4And [2was discouraged 3within 4me 1my spirit]; [3within 4me 2was disturbed 1my heart]. 5I remembered days of old. I meditated on all your works. [2on 3the actions 4of your hands 1I meditated]. 6I opened and spread out to you my hands. My soul is as [2land 1a waterless] to you. 7Quickly listen to me! O  lord, [2fails 1my spirit]. You should not turn your face from me, so that I shall be like the ones going down into the pit. 8[3to be audible 1Cause 4to me 5in the morning 2your mercy]! for upon you I hoped. Make known to me, O  lord, the way in which I shall go! for to you I lifted my soul. 9Rescue me from my enemies, O  lord! to you I take refuge. 10Teach me to do your will! for you are my God. [3spirit 1Your 2good] shall guide me in [2land 1an upright]. 11Because of your name, O  lord, you shall enliven me. In your righteousness you shall lead [2from out of 3affliction 1my soul]. 12And in your mercy you shall utterly destroy my enemies; and you shall destroy all the ones afflicting my soul; for [2your servant 1I am].
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