Psalms 144


A Prayer of Deliverance

A psalm to David; to Goliath.

1Blessed be the  lord my God; the one teaching my hands for battle array, and my fingers for war; 2my mercy and my refuge; my shielder and my rescuer; my defender, and upon him I hoped; the one subjecting my people under me. 3O  lord, what is man that you were known to him? or the son of man that you should consider him? 4Man [2folly 1is like]; his days as a shadow pass by. 5O  lord, lean your heavens, and come down! Touch the mountains! and they shall smoke. 6Flash lightning! and you shall disperse them. Send out your arrows! and you shall disturb them. 7Send out your hand from the height! Take me, and rescue me from [2waters 1many], from out of the hand of the sons of strangers! 8whose mouth spoke folly, and their right hand is a right hand of iniquity. 9O God, [3ode 2a new 1I will sing] to you; with [2psaltery 1a ten-stringed] I will strum to you, 10to the one giving deliverance to the kings, to the one ransoming David his servant from [2broadsword 1the ferocious]. 11Rescue me, and deliver me from the hand of the sons of strangers! whose mouth spoke folly, and their right hand is a right hand of iniquity; 12whom their sons are as newly planted, secure in their youth; their daughters being bedecked, being adorned sumptuously as the likeness of a temple; 13 their storerooms are full, discharging forth from out of this one to that one; their sheep are prolific, multiplying in their streets; 14 their oxen are thick; there is no ruined fence, nor stream, nor a cry in their broad spaces; 15[3declare them happy 1the 2people] to which these things are. Blessed be the people of which the  lord is his God.
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