Psalms 145


Great is The LORD

A praise to David.

1I will exalt you, O my God, my king; and I will bless your name into the eon, and into the eon of the eon. 2According to each day I will bless you; and I will praise your name into the eon, and into the eon of the eon. 3Great is the  lord, and praiseworthy exceedingly, and of his greatness there is no end. 4Generation and generation shall praise your works, and [2of your power 1they will report]. 5The majesty of the glory of your holiness they shall speak, and your wonders they will describe. 6And the power of your fearful acts they shall speak, and [2your greatness 1they will describe]. 7The remembrance of the multitude of your graciousness they shall discharge forth, and [2your righteousness 1they will exult]. 8Pitying and merciful is the  lord; lenient and full of mercy. 9Gracious is the  lord in all things, and his compassions are upon all his works. 10Let [3make acknowledgment 4to you 5O  lord 1all 2of your works], and [2your sacred ones 1let] bless you! 11The glory of your kingdom they shall speak, and [2of your dominion 1they shall tell]; 12 to make known to the sons of men of your dominion, and the glory of the majesty of your kingdom. 13 Your kingdom is a kingdom of all the eons; and your mastery is in every generation and generation. Trustworthy is the  lord in all his words, and sacred in all his works. 14The  lord supports all the ones falling down, and he re-erects all the ones being broken down. 15The eyes of all [2in 3you 1hope]; and you give them nourishment at an opportune time. 16You opened your hand, and filled up every living creature of benevolence. 17The  lord is just in all his ways, and sacred in all his works. 18The  lord is near to all the ones calling upon him; all the ones calling upon him in truth. 19[2the will 3of the ones 4fearing 5him 1He will do]; and their supplication he shall listen to, and he shall deliver them. 20The  lord guards all the ones loving him, and all the sinners he shall utterly destroy. 21[3to praise 4the  lord 2shall speak 1My mouth]. And let [3bless 1all 2flesh] [2name 1his holy] into the eon, and into the eon of the eon!
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