Psalms 15


The Unblemished Shall Dwell with The LORD

A psalm to David.

1O  lord, who shall sojourn in your tent, or who shall encamp in [2mountain 1your holy]? 2The one going unblemished, and working righteousness, speaking truth in his heart; 3who did not speak treacherously with his tongue, and did not do [2to his neighbor 1bad], and [4scorning 1did not 2take 3up] against the ones near him. 4[2is treated with contempt 3before 4him 1The one acting wickedly]; but the one fearing the  lord he glorifies, even the one swearing by an oath to his neighbor and not annulling it; 5 his money he did not give for interest, and bribes from the innocent he did not take. The one doing these things shall not be shaken into the eon.
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