Psalms 30


The LORD is My Helper

A psalm of an ode of the dedication of the house of David.

1I will exalt you, O  lord, for you uplifted me, and [2did not 3make glad 1my enemies] over me. 2O  lord my God, I cried out to you, and I shall heal of my condition. 3O  lord, you led [2from out of 3Hades 1my soul]; you delivered me from the ones going down into the pit. 4Let [2strum 3to the 4  lord 1his sacred ones], and make acknowledgment to the remembrance of his holiness! 5For wrath is in his rage, but life is in his will. [3the 4evening 2shall lodge 1Weeping], but in the morning, exultation. 6And I said in my prosperity, In no way shall I be shaken into the eon. 7O  lord, in your will you furnished [2to 3my beauty 1power]; but you turned your face, and I became disturbed. 8To you, O  lord, I cry out. And to my God I shall beseech. 9What benefit is there in my blood, in my going down into corruption? Shall [2acknowledge 3you 1the dust], or shall it announce your truth? 10The  lord heard, and showed mercy on me. The  lord became my helper. 11[3turned 1The 2beating of my breast] into joy for me. You tore up my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness. 12O how that should [2strum 3to you 1my glory], and in no way should I be vexed, O  lord my God. Into the eon I shall acknowledge you.
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