Psalms 35


The LORD Pleads Our Cause

A psalm to David.

1Adjudicate, O  lord, the ones wronging me! Wage war against the ones waging war against me! 2Take hold of weapon and shield, and rise up to help me! 3Discharge the broadsword, and close up right opposite the ones pursuing me! Say to my soul, [2your deliverance 1I am]! 4Let [4be ashamed 5and 6feel remorse 1the 2ones seeking 3my soul]! Let them be turned to the rear, and let [4be disgraced 1the ones 2considering 3evils against me]! 5Let them become as dust according to the face of the wind! and an angel of the  lord squeezing them. 6Let [2become 1their way] darkness and slippery! and an angel of the  lord pursuing them. 7For without cause they hid [3against me 2of corruption 1their snare]; in folly they berate my soul. 8Let there come to him a snare which he knows not! And the snare of the hunt which he hid, let it seize him! and in the same snare he shall fall in it. 9 But my soul shall exult over the  lord; it shall be made happy over his deliverance. 10All my bones shall say, O  lord, O  lord, who is likened to you? rescuing the poor from the hand of the one more solid than he, and the poor and needy one from the ones tearing him in pieces. 11Rising up against me [2witnesses 1are unjust], [3of things which 4I did not 5know 1asking 2me]. 12They recompensed to me evil for good, and childlessness to my soul. 13But I, in their troubling me, put on sackcloth. And I humbled [2in 3fasting 1my soul]; and my prayer [2unto 3my bosom 1shall be returned]. 14As a neighbor, as [2brother 1to our], so they were well-pleasing. As mourning and looking downcast so I humbled myself. 15And against me they were glad and they gathered together; they gathered together [2against 3me 1whips], and I did not know; they were cut asunder and were not vexed. 16They tested me; they derided me in sneering; they gnashed against me with their teeth. 17O  lord, when will you scrutinize? Restore my soul from their evil actions; [2from 3lions 1my only child]. 18I shall make acknowledgment to you in [2assembly 1the vast]; with [2people 1grievous] I shall praise you. 19May [5not 6rejoice against 7me 1the ones 2hating 3me 4unjustly]; even the ones detesting me without a charge, and shunning their eyes. 20For to me then [2peaceable 1they spoke], but in anger [2treachery 1they devised]. 21And they widened [2against 3me 1their mouth]. They said, Well done, well done, [2saw 1our eyes]! 22You beheld, O  lord. You should not remain silent, O  lord. You should not separate from me. 23Awake, O  lord, and take heed to my case, O my God, and [3O 4my  lord 1to 2my cause]! 24Judge me, O  lord, according to your righteousness, O  lord my God, and let them not rejoice against me! 25May they not say in their heart, Well done, well done to our soul. Nor may they say, We swallowed him down. 26May they be ashamed, and may [4feel remorse 5together 1the ones 2rejoicing at 3my hurts]. Let [5be clothed in 6shame 7and 8remorse 1the ones 2speaking great words 3against 4me]! 27Exult and be glad, O ones wanting righteousness for me! And let say always, [3be magnified 1The 2  lord]! by the ones wanting the peace of his servant. 28And my tongue shall meditate upon your righteousness; the entire day on your high praise.
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