Psalms 36


The LORD Detests the Lawbreaker

To the director, to the servant of the  lord, to David.

1[3speaks 1The 2lawbreaker 6so as to sin 4in 5himself]; there is no fear of God before his eyes. 2For he acted treacherously before him, so as to find out his lawlessness and detest. 3The sayings of his mouth are lawlessness and treachery; he wanted not to perceive how to do good. 4[2lawlessness 1He reasons] upon his bed; he renders to every way not good; and evil he did not loath. 5O  lord, [2is in 3the 4heaven 1your mercy], and your truth unto the clouds. 6 Your righteousness is as the mountains of God; your judgments [2abyss 1a vast]. [2men 3and 4cattle 1You shall preserve], O  lord. 7How you multiplied your mercy, O God; and the sons of men [2in 3the protection 4of your wings 1shall hope]. 8They shall be intoxicated from the fatness of your house; and [3of the 4rushing stream 5of your delicacy 1you shall water 2them]. 9For from you is the spring of life. In your light we shall see light. 10Extend your mercy to the ones knowing you, and your righteousness to the ones straight in heart! 11Let not [3come 4against me 1the foot 2of pride]! nor the hand of the sinner to shake me. 12There they fell -- all the ones working lawlessness. They were pushed out, and in no way shall they be able to stand.
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