Psalms 56


David is Afflicted by War

To the director; for the people [2from 3the 4holy things 1being far]; to David; for an inscription on a monument; when [3held 4him 1the 2Philistines] in Gath.

1Show mercy on me, O God! for [2trampled 3me 1man]. The entire day in waging war he afflicted me. 2[2trampled 3me 1My enemies] the entire day, for many are the ones waging war against me from the height. 3[3the day 1I do not 2fear], and I shall hope upon you. 4In God I will praise by my words. Upon God I hoped. I shall not fear what [2shall do 3to me 1flesh]. 5The entire day [2my words 1they abhorred]; [3are against 4me 1all 2their thoughts] for bad. 6They will sojourn and hide; they [2my heel 1will guard], just as they wait for my life. 7For by no means will you deliver them; [3in 4anger 2peoples 1you will lead down]. 8O God, my life I declared to you; you put my tears before you, as even according to your promise. 9[2shall turn 1My enemies] to the rear, in which ever day I should call upon you. Behold, I knew that [2my God 1you are]. 10Unto God I will praise by discourse; unto the  lord I will praise by word. 11Unto God I hoped; I will not be afraid in what [2shall do 3to me 1man]. 12In me, O God, are the vows which I shall give of your praise. 13For you rescued my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from a slip. I shall be well-pleasing before the  lord in the light of the living.
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