Psalms 58


Contempt for Sinners

To the director; do not utterly destroy; to David; for an inscription on a monument.

1Will truly thus [2righteousness 1you speak] and rightly judge, O sons of men? 2For even in the heart [2lawlessness 1you work] in the earth. [3in injustice 1Your hands 2closely join]. 3[2were separated 1Sinners] from the womb; they wander from the belly; they spoke lies. 4Rage to them is according to the likeness of the serpent; as [2asp 1a mute] even plugging her ears, 5who does not listen to the sound [2charming 1of the sorcerer], and the administering of potions by a wise man. 6 God broke their teeth in their mouths; [4the 5molars 6of the 7lions 3fractured in pieces 1the 2  lord]. 7They shall be treated with contempt as water going by. He shall stretch tight his bow until of which time they shall be weakened. 8As beeswax melting away, they shall be taken away in return. [2fell 1Fire] upon them, and they did not see the sun. 9Before the perceiving of your thorn-bushes -- the white-thorn shrub; as living, as in anger he shall swallow them. 10[2shall be glad 1The just one] whenever he should behold punishment. [2his hands 1He shall wash] in the blood of the sinner. 11And [2shall say 1a man], There is fruit to the just; there is God judging them in the earth.
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