Psalms 77


The LORD is Powerful

To the director; for Jeduthun; a psalm to Asaph.

1With my voice [2to 3the  lord 1I cried out]; my voice to God; and he heeded me. 2In the day of my affliction I inquired of God. [2my hands 1By night] were before him, and I was not deceived. [2refused 3to be comforted 1My soul]. 3I remembered God and was glad. I meditated and [2was faint-hearted 1my spirit]. PAUSE. 4[2first took 3watches 1My eyes]; I was disturbed and I did not speak. 5I reasoned [2days 1about ancient]; and [3years 2everlasting 1I remembered]. 6And I meditated; [2by night 3with 4my heart 1I conversed], and [2tilled 1my spirit]. 7Shall [3into 4the 5eons 2thrust me away 1the  lord]? And will he proceed to not think well of me any more? 8Or, [3at 4the end 2his mercy 1will he cut off]? Did he finish entirely his discourse from generation to generations? 9Shall [2forget 3to pity 1God], or hold up [2in 3his anger 1his compassions]? PAUSE. 10And I said, now I began. This is the change of the right hand of the highest. 11I remembered the works of the  lord. For I shall remember [2from 3the 4beginning 1your wonders], 12and I shall meditate on all your works; even in your practices I will meditate. 13O God, [2is in 3the 4holy place 1your way]. What God is great as our God? 14You are God, the one doing wonders. You made known among the peoples your power. 15You ransomed [2by 3your arm 1your people], the sons of Jacob and Joseph. 16[2beheld 3you 1The waters], O God, [2beheld 3you 1the waters] and feared; [2were disturbed 1the abysses]. 17There was a multitude of noises of waters; [4a sound 3gave out 1the 2clouds]; for also your arrows travel abroad. 18The sound of your thunder in the wheel; [2appeared 1your lightnings] to the inhabitable world; [3was shaken 4and 5trembling 6took place 1the 2earth]. 19[2are in 3the 4sea 1Your ways], and your roads are in [2waters 1many], and your footsteps shall not be known. 20You guided [2as 3sheep 1your people] by the hand of Moses and Aaron.
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